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8 Things to Do in Mauritius (That Don’t Include Lying on the Beach)

  Mauritius is a tiny little island off the South West coast of Africa. Its tropical climate and idyllic paradise hideaway atmosphere make it a popular choice when travelers are considering their bucket list trips, and more than a few BUCKiTDREAMERS have made the journey over to this little slice of heaven. It’s a place that makes you feel totally disconnected from the world; time seems to slow, and the island’s relaxed, vibrant way of life seems to slowly seep into your mindset. Located in a beautiful part of the world, it also has so many things to offer,...

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8 of the Smokiest Coffee Shops in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is famous for its canals, bicycle culture, tulips, cobbled streets, distinctive Renaissance architecture, rich history of art, being a haven for world-changing philosophers and freethinkers, Ajax Amsterdam (the city’s exciting and glamorous football team), a rich and deep maritime legacy and, of course, having a liberal and open-minded ethos. It is due to this liberal, open-minded ethos that cannabis has been legal in the city for over two decades. The city’s coffee shops sell high quality herb in various forms to locals and tourists alike. The atmosphere in these coffee shops is friendly, open and relaxed, with people...

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10 Iconic Irish Pubs Where You Can Enjoy a Perfect Pint of Guinness

Guinness is Ireland’s most famous export and the world’s most famous beer. For those of you who have just arrived on Planet Earth from some distant galaxy, Guinness is a smooth, black stout (a type of beer) with a deliciously thick and creamy white head. ‘The Black Stuff’ is served all over the world and is extremely popular, not only in its home country of Ireland, but also in Britain, America, West Africa, and the Caribbean. The Irish are passionate about Guinness. Any Irish pub that serves a ‘bad pint’ will be shunned and black-listed, while a pub that...

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A Rock ‘N’ Roll Guide to Los Angeles’ Most Iconic Music Venues

Los Angeles is known as the City of Stars, and it’s safe to say more than a few stars have graced its numerous stages over the decades. As well as being the center of the film and TV world, LA has a musical legacy that ranges from legendary venues and career-making gigs to rock star hijinks and sordid notoriety; that well-earned tradition is still very much alive and kicking in 2017. Many of the most iconic music venues in the city have been around for years, and maintain their awesome reputations as some of the most epic must-sees in the city. Speaking of must-sees, Los...

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10 Guaranteed Fun London Date Ideas

Meal for two, candlelight and a bottle of bubbly – yawn. Tinder dates expect more imagination nowadays, especially in a city like London, where there are tons of epic things to do. Here are 10 of BUCKiTDREAM’s ridiculously fun date ideas that are sure to keep your beau enthralled – all day or night – long. Do a Sunset Treasure Hunt of London’s South Bank Watch the sun set while you search for clues along the South Bank of the Thames. This is pure romance mixed with the thrill of adventure. For £25 ($32.49 USD) you can let Hidden...

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