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Month: August 2017

Discovering Scotland’s Top 7 Bothies

What’s a Bothy you ask? Well, aside from being one of Scotland’s best kept secrets, they’re essentially remote shelters, snuggled in amongst the Scottish wilderness, where wearied walkers can bunker down for the night, free of charge. The shelters come to over 100 in total, and for the last 50-odd years they’ve been looked after by the dedicated not-for-profit, Mountain Bothies Association (MBA). The vast majority of shelters are simple, single-story crofts or huts that were once used by shepherds, but have long since been abandoned. These hidden sanctuaries began to gain popularity amongst ramblers and hill walkers, but...

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8 Iconic Country Music Destinations Across Georgia

Country music is in rude good health in the state of Georgia. There are many great destinations across the ‘Peach State’ where you can hear talented local, national and international country musicians plying their trade to the highest level! Whether you want to try line dancing within the reach of the Atlantic Ocean spray on the picturesque Georgia Coast, check out one of the cool urban live-country venues in and around the metropolis of Atlanta, or explore some of the hopping music bars in more obscure cities such as Macon or Augusta, you are guaranteed to be amazed by...

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4 Beaches in Mauritius You’d Be Crazy Not to Visit

What’s a sunny vacation without a trip to the beach? When it comes to selecting the destination for that dream summer trip, complete with soft sand, transparent waters and fruity cocktails, there are a more than a few places competing for that hallowed bucket list top spot.   One place that should definitely be in consideration for your summer trip is Mauritius, a wonderful mishmash of vibrant cultures that’s awash with beautiful beaches and an easygoing atmosphere. The people are welcoming, the lifestyle is relaxed and the small island is drenched in sun all year round. What more could you want? Sure, Mauritius has...

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5 Masterpieces You Can’t Miss in Florence’s Uffizi Gallery

Florence is a renowned Renaissance art hub, but there’s so much of the damn stuff around, it can be hard to know what to focus on. Timeless artistic virtuosity abounds in Italy, and thanks to the patronage of local kingpins the Medici family, Florence flourished more than most. The legacy of the city’s fertile artistic soil can still be clearly felt today and many flocks to Florence with the idea of doing just that. King among the city’s galleries is undoubtedly the Uffizi, which houses a priceless collection of masterpiece after masterpiece, but even that proves tough to navigate;...

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The Definitive Guide to Urban Exploring in Berlin

Berlin is a veritable treasure trove for intrepid urban explorers. This formerly divided city is absolutely teeming with derelict gems rotting away in forgotten locations. Among the abandoned edifices that dot the city you can find a towering spy station, a rotting children’s hospital, a rusted Ferris wheel inside a derelict amusement park and a crumbling Nazi base. We’re going to level with you BUCKiTDREAMER – most of these sites are technically out of bounds, so we’re not going to tell you to visit them. How about you just fill up your BUCKiTDREAM planner with whatever takes your fancy...

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