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Month: September 2017

The Most Unusual Global Wedding Venues

Weddings are an occasion that you either love or hate, but one thing’s for sure: they can get awfully alike. From the ceremony (religious or otherwise) to the reception, drinks, and dancing, there is a definite cookie cutter trend for modern weddings. The good news is there are some really crazy and different options out there for people who want to enter matrimony slightly outside of the box. Thrill seekers and landscape lovers will go loco for the experiences that we’ve gathered together for a wedding on the wild side. It won’t be the same as any other wedding,...

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7 of the Best Live Music Venues in Perth

Western Australia’s capital city of Perth has come a long way from the forgettable one-horse town that it once was and has, over the years, transformed itself into a veritable hotbed of fine foods, arts, and culture. One area that has particularly excelled is the live music scene; for years international bands opted out of Perth when touring Australia, as it was too far and too expensive to travel to. This created a gap in the market that allowed local bands to develop and flourish alongside a loyal and devoted fan base. Skip forward to 2017 and international and...

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7 World Famous Bars You Need to Visit Before You Die

Get your passport ready and your drinking cap on, because there’s a load of world famous bars out there to explore, and a whole lot of history to be soaked up along the way! From London’s oldest cocktail bar to a 600-year-old  wine den, here are BUCKiTDREAM’s top 7 bars you need to visit at least once in your life.  Pull Up a Seat at the World’s Best Bar (New York) If you’re a cocktail fanatic, then you should have Irish bar Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog at the top of your list. Nestled in the heart of the...

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5 Bizarre American Towns for ‘Twin Peaks’ Fans

Set in what is probably the most bizarre American town of them all, Twin Peaks was all the rage when it premiered back in 1990. David Lynch’s strange, spooky tale of the quest to solve the murder of homecoming queen Laura Palmer was like nothing TV audiences had ever seen before, and the show quickly spawned a dedicated cult following that continued to its second (and final) season. The enthusiasm for Twin Peaks and its nefarious inhabitants never really waned throughout the years, culminating in the show’s return to our screens in May 2017. A bona fide sequel to the original...

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Top 6 Places in the World to Scuba Dive

Sometimes, the only thing that can feel like a proper escape is immersing yourself in the azure and turquoise waters of the ocean. Exploring every inch of the big blue is something that’s on every seafaring BUCKiTDREAMER’s planner, so here are a few dive spots that will get you started on your conquest. Are you ready to get wet BUCKiTDREAMER? Because we’re about to dive head first into the top six places in the world to scuba dive! Embrace the Laid-Back Lifestyle in Koh Tao It’s easy to see why scores of scuba divers are flocking to Koh Tao...

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