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The Best Hipster Bars in Dublin

When you think of Dublin, it’s unlikely that you’re going to think of hipster pubs, but the truth is that there’s so much more to the city than traditional Irish music and pints of Guinness. The Irish craft beer scene is exploding and the country is one of the market leaders in exciting and innovative beers. Alongside this has been a massive rise in hipster bars that serve a massive range of spirits and beers, and some even include delicious homemade food. If you open your mind and go off the beaten tourist track, you’ll see that Dublin’s food...

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10 Best Restaurants for Foodies in Los Angeles

 It’s easy to see why Los Angeles is a mecca for foodies – you can find pretty much any type of cuisine! So, whether you’re in the mood for street tacos or ramen, this list will help you locate 10 of the best LA restaurants for food-lovers like yourself. Animal Animal, from the supremely talented Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, is one of the best places in LA for carnivores – there are too many pork dishes to count! Shook and Dotolo (who also run the super popular Italian restaurant, Jon & Vinny’s) have developed a completely diverse menu...

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Exploring the Ancient Greek Capital of Athens

Taking its name from the ancient Greek goddess Athena, Athens is a city with quite the pedigree. According to legend, Athena won the right to name the Greek capital after she trumped Poseidon in a gift-giving contest. The god of the sea offered the residents a never-ending supply of water, which initially thrilled them – until they discovered it was undrinkable due to it being salt-laced seawater. At that stage, Athena probably could’ve offered anything vaguely useful and won, but she opted for a single olive tree, with a promise to fill the land with thousands of them. Athena was pronounced the...

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The Top Five Cities in the World for any Gay Couple

The rainbow flag is currently flying proudly in countries all across the world. The most recent place to legalize gay marriage and embrace the LGBTQ community was Australia, which voted for gay marriage by some majority; their first same-sex couple is set to wed on December 21st. Although the gay community still faces plenty of challenges in certain countries and regions, acceptance and equality in relation to LGBTQ people is certainly more globally widespread as we end 2017, which can only be a good thing. Of course, some cities have been ahead of that particular curve for some time. If you’re planning a...

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6 Cities With Iconic Subway Systems

You can tell a lot about a city by the network of tunnels and stations that spreads out beneath its streets. The subways in each major metropolis are bespoke and unique, and they offer an intriguing window into the truth of that city and the collective consciousness of its inhabitants. The atmosphere, the station architecture, the state of the trains, the demeanor of staff (as well as fellow travelers, buskers, beggars, and pickpockets), the content of the graffiti, the efficiency of the service – all of these things tell you much about the reality of the city you’re in...

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