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5 Best Cities in the US for Art-Lovers

By: Erin Konrad If you’re interested in checking out places with amazing art scenes, you don’t have to worry about making it to Europe. In fact, there are tons of cities in the US that offer fantastic art exhibits and galleries. Read on for the five best cities for all you art aficionados. Los Angeles Click here to add it to your bucket list!  In LA, there’s a truly eclectic spread of art museums to check out. One of the best art museums in the world is the Getty Center on the west side of LA. It offers European...

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5 Ultimate Locations in Spain for a Holiday Home

Add this dream to your bucket list! Spain is considered one of the most popular countries in which to own a holiday home. An obvious reason for this is the weather, which is pretty good most of the year round – especially more to the south of the country. But it’s not just the sun that attracts potential holiday-home seekers to Spain. It’s also the fact that you can live next to the beautiful coastline and warm seas and yet still be within spitting distance of a thriving, exciting urban life. Add to this the friendly, down-to-earth locals and...

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8 Exotic Southeast Asian Fruits that You Need to Try

Most travelers who spend some time exploring the mountains, plains, jungles, towns, and cities of Southeast Asia return laden with tales of delightful and delicious exotic fruits that they’ve fallen head over heels in love with. And if you are really lucky, they may even return bearing gifts of dried versions of said exotic fruits. However, the best way to sample the strange and unusual flavors and textures of this warm, wet part of the world is to go to the source yourself. The markets, shops, farms and gardens of Southeast Asia are falling down with wild and exotic...

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5 Trips to Take in the US in Your 30s

By: Erin Konrad Have you finally made it through your 20s? Well, congrats! Now that you’ve built up that bank account of yours, you can travel to all those places on your bucket list. So, here are some ideas for trips to take in the United States while you’re celebrating your 30s! Wine Tour of Napa, CA Now that you’re a little more mature, you probably choose more expensive alcohol. To honor your distinguished tastes and amazing palate, head to Napa Valley, California for tours of local wineries. Not only will you get to sample the wares, you’ll also...

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6 Things All Francophiles Must Do In France

If you’re calling yourself a Francophile, then you don’t need us to tell you how wonderful France is! Just what is it that makes the place so special? There might be several different answers to that, depending on who’s doing the answering. But the things we’re probably all agreed on have to include the food, local wines, picturesque villages, ancient castles, and majestic cathedrals that abound, and the wonderful places of outstanding beauty throughout the country. It’s very hard to choose just six things not to be missed in France, but here goes! Paris is obviously the number one...

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