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How to Gap Year in America (Like a Boss)

By: Erin Konrad In the United States, most students don’t have a traditional gap year experience. Instead of taking time to explore and travel after high school graduation, they head straight into their first year of college. But those who don’t take a gap year can miss out on the opportunity to become independent and get a little more life experience before becoming locked down into the world of adulthood. So, if you’re taking a gap year and want to travel around America, you’ll get the chance to see some amazing sights, eat great cuisine, and check out American...

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6 Travel Experiences All Single People Should Tick Off Their Bucket List

There are certain experiences that are better had during your years of singlehood. When you are free, easy, and have little in the way of responsibilities, you can get away with things that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to if you were shackled to a partner with dependents swinging from your coattails. Don’t get us wrong: having someone to cuddle up to every single night, go over the household finances with, attend parents’ evenings with, and engage in (ahem) ‘friendly’ debate with is an experience that many people count as the pinnacle of happiness. But being a man or...

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The Ultimate Guide to a Romantic Weekend in Venice

Italy is one of the most romantic countries in the world and should be at the top of any couple’s prospective getaway plans. The intoxicating mix of gorgeous weather, delicious food, stunning scenery, and formative culture all conspire for an experience greater than the sum of its parts, and the musical language lilting away in the background caps the whole thing off with a delightful extra dash of romanticism. There’s not a lot of downsides to Italy; the driving is a little erratic, maybe, and the pace of life is extremely relaxed, but all-in-all, a trip to The Boot is...

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The Five Best Escape Room Experiences in the World

In times past, all that was required for a good night out was a trip to the cinema and a pizza. These days, the thrill-seekers among us want something a little more substantial. Why be passive when you can be active? An escape room is a physical, real life adventure in which a group of players are tasked with solving a series of puzzles using clues and hints they pick up along the way. They’re a relatively new phenomenon, having become popular over the last few years: the trend kicked off in Asia, then quickly spread to the Western...

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Five Infamous Unsolved Crimes for Fans of Mindhunter

Netflix made a bold move commissioning Mindhunter; set in the late 1970s and chronicling the birth and subsequent implementation of the FBI’s criminal profiling divisionv, Mindhunter isn’t afraid to get down and dirty while exploring the darkest recesses of the human mind. The show isn’t exactly shocking; all of the crimes dealt with in the storyline take place off-screen, usually before our fledgling profilers arrive on the scene. But it is extremely haunting (and more than a little creepy). Watching and listening to serial killers recount their crimes turns out to be almost more disturbing than the crimes themselves – or at least,...

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