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Ashley Sagar Wins Buckitdream’s Ellen $20,000 to Live Your Dreams Contest!

Last April, we teamed up with The Ellen Degeneres Show and played Sorry! Spin on set with one luck winner. Ellen then invited her viewers to join BUCKiTDREAM and enter for their own chance to win $20,000 in cash to make their own bucket list come true. We’re beyond thrilled to announce that 27 year old, Ashley Sagar, from Modesto, California is our 2016 winner for Buckitdream’s Ellen $20,000 to Live Your Dreams Contest. She has won $20K to achieve anything on her bucket list and we can’t wait to follow her journey! We recently interviewed Ashley to learn more about her...

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Exploring the Ancient Greek Capital of Athens

Taking its name from the ancient Greek goddess Athena, Athens is a city with quite the pedigree. According to legend, Athena won the right to name the Greek capital after she trumped Poseidon in a gift-giving contest. The god of the sea offered the residents a never-ending supply of water, which initially thrilled them – until they discovered it was undrinkable due to it being salt-laced seawater. At that stage, Athena probably could’ve offered anything vaguely useful and won, but she opted for a single olive tree, with a promise to fill the land with thousands of them. Athena was pronounced the...

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The Four Best Magic Acts You Can Find In Las Vegas

  Las Vegas is renowned as the entertainment capital of the world. As it’s nom-de-guerre of ‘Sin City’ suggests, it functions much like a creche for adults, providing many a distraction among its neon lights and star-spangled streets. The images that are conjured when one thinks of Las Vegas are inevitable of the gambling persuasion; money, aces, poker chips and slot machines. And sure, if you’re looking to gamble, there’s no better place to head than the Nevada hotspot. But Vegas also has a long and distinguished history of putting on amazing shows and performances, particularly of the magical variety,...

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The BUCKiTDREAM Guide to a ‘Man v. Food’ US Tour

  ‘Challenge’ is what makes a person great. Character and grit are forged in the fire of adversity. You really get to see what you are made of when you are three-quarters a way through a monstrous pizza or steak or ice cream sundae, and every fiber of your being is screaming, “Stop this madness, you’ve eaten enough, run to the bathroom!” and the clock is ticking and the crowd are shouting your name. Do you have what it takes? Can you locate the reserves of steel that are hidden deep in your soul? Can you overcome? Can you...

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Why Mauritius Just Shot to the Top of Your Summer Vacation Bucket Lists

 The top spot in anyone’s summer vacation bucket list is highly contested, and rightly so. If you can only manage to get to one place during the summer, you’ve got to think hard and long about what exactly you want out of your dream trip. There’s no lack of options either; from the bountiful beaches of Hawaii to the summer city vibe of Rome, that top spot is a contentious issue. Until now! Forget everywhere else you’ve been mulling over, and start seriously considering the paradise island of Mauritius. Located to the south east of the African continent, Mauritius...

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