Many people across the globe voyage to the renowned party locale of South East Asia. The living is cheap, the weather is fine, and the parties usually go on all night. Whether it’s Thailand or Bali, the scene is set for some intense partying away from home, among some of the most stunning scenery the world has to offer. But all festivities must come to an end at some point; so where do you go when you’re all partied out and looking for that famed South East Asian zen mode?

Luckily, there are plenty of places you can hit up to chill out around the South East Asian locale. These retreats provide the perfect counterpoint to the full-on party scene and will make sure you return home completely relaxed and restored. After all, life is all about balance; a bucket list trip to Asia should be no different. Log on to BUCKiTDREAM and discover some other travelers who’ve partied themselves zen in the East, then keep that BUCKiTDREAM planner handy as we take you through the four best retreats to hit up when you’re done with partying!

Elephant Hills, Thailand This blissful retreat takes its cues from the African plains, where tent encampments among the national parks are commonplace. Elephant Hills is Thailand’s first luxury jungle camp, complete with waterborne tents and breathtaking natural surroundings. Located in Khao Sok, Thailand’s large expanse of rainforest, the retreat is situated right on one of the country’s most beautiful lakes. The whole camp is geared toward being ecologically friendly, taking most of its power from wind and solar energy sources. While there, you can enjoy a range of activities in the surrounding region, including the highly-coveted Elephant Tour, which will get you right up close and personal with the stunning beasts.

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Fivelements, Bali Bali is the most popular tourist destination on the Indonesian archipelago, and it’s easy to see why. It’s literally a dream tropical paradise come to life; if you’re looking for that kind of holiday, it’s the perfect place to tick off your bucket list. Fivelements is situated on the banks of Bali’s Ayung River, and bills itself as a holistic healing center. There’s a heavy focus on yoga at this retreat, with a choice of private or communal classes, all of which take place in the stunning bamboo palace, named mandala Agung. The retreat also serves up detox programs and other assorted healing programs. You’ll need to go in with an open mind here, as the staff is very serious about getting spiritual. But with the beautiful surroundings helping you along, you’ll soon be just as intent on ascension. Fivelements only serves up raw vegan food, and alcohol and cigarettes are banned. If you’re hoping to find yourself on your bucket list trip, the zen-like mysticism of Fivelements should definitely be top of your list.

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Permai Rainforest Resort, Malaysia If you’ve ever wanted to see what living in a rainforest is like, this is the retreat for you. There’s a distinct feeling of being in touch with nature at Permai Rainforest Resort, all the more so because there are only ten cabins available at any one time. So whatever you want from your stay, you’ll be guaranteed quiet. The cabins are raised 20 feet in the air and are constructed entirely from wood. However, they also feature some badly needed air conditioning and come complete with ensuite bathrooms. Essentially, Permai Rainforest is the perfect merger of nature and luxury and will provide you with an ideal spot to fully engage with the gorgeous natural world.

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Amanoi, Vietnam A beautiful wellness retreat nestled on a lush Vietnamese hillside, Amanoi takes care of all your luxury needs and provides a perfect spot to feel rejuvenated after a long couple of weeks partying. Their two dominating spa houses are situated in a secluded hideaway, and by the side of a crystal-clear Vietnamese lake respectively. Which one you go for is up to you! Amano’s goal is to restore balance in each individual through a combination of treatments, detox, and meditation. There are also some seriously good dining options available at the retreat so you can round off your day of pampering with all manner of delicious local cuisine.

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Partying is all part of the BUCKiTDREAM lifestyle; many people travel to South East Asia just to experience the fantastic nightlife. However, bringing yourself back down to earth should also be top of your bucket list – and who knows? You might even find yourself in the process! Remember, your fellow BUCKiTDREAMERS love to get inspired by all sides of your trip, so share all your adventure and memories with them as you go, and keep that BUCKiTDREAM planner with you at all times to make the most of your trip!