There are certain experiences that are better had during your years of singlehood. When you are free, easy, and have little in the way of responsibilities, you can get away with things that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to if you were shackled to a partner with dependents swinging from your coattails.

Don’t get us wrong: having someone to cuddle up to every single night, go over the household finances with, attend parents’ evenings with, and engage in (ahem) ‘friendly’ debate with is an experience that many people count as the pinnacle of happiness. But being a man or woman of leisure with nobody to answer to but yourself is a lifestyle that can be fun too – at least for a while!

Disappearing on epically lengthy lone traveling odysseys; blowing relatively large sums of money on cheap thrills; leaping from great heights just for the adrenaline rush; dooming yourself to outrageous hangovers that you may never recover from; conversing with demons in the jungle… These are all things that are best done when you don’t have to wake up early and take the kids to school the next day!

Here are six travel experiences that all single people should tick off their bucket list. Quick, get moving on these – time is of the essence… Your Tinder profile is bound to start bearing fruit soon!

Traverse an Exotic Country With Nothing But a Backpack (and Maybe a Motorcycle) Picking your way across an exotic and foreign land is, of course, something you can do with a partner, but for the full, ‘jumping off the deep end’ effect, nothing beats going solo. When you backpack alone in an alien nation you are forced to do things that may provoke trepidation in you, but that are ultimately extremely rewarding and growth-inspiring. Traveling alone forces you to meet new people and to navigate novel social situations that it would be all too easy to avoid if you were cocooned in a cozy couple. Backpacking solo is a life-enriching experience that you’ll remember forever.

Flitter Away Some Serious Dollars in Las Vegas Unless you are Dan Bilzerian-level wealthy, throwing dollars away on pointless fun and frolics in Las Vegas when you have a family to feed and household bills to pay might not be the best idea. That’s why heading to Sin City and living like a high-rolling baller for a few days (probably while losing lots of money!) is something best done when you’re single and relatively responsibility-less. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… But it’s still best to go while you’re still single!

Pump Up The Adrenaline With Some Extreme Sports Mayhem! Various types of extreme sports experiences sit near the top of many people’s bucket lists. Bungee jumping, skydiving, AK47-shooting, paragliding, supercar racing – these activities provide an adrenaline rush that will imprint on your nervous system for life! But by their very nature they are fairly dangerous. When you leap from a plane at 20,000 feet, risk is always present. This is why it might be best to get your extreme sports adrenaline kicks when you’re still single and nobody will miss you too much should your parachute fail to open! 

Go on a Trashy Boys or Girls-Only Holiday With Your Crew Heading to a wild party destination such as Cancun, Ibiza, or Phuket with a group of best buddies is a rite of passage for many people. The crazy shenanigans that you and your closest friends get up to when the prying eyes of your home society can’t see you will be a spicy little secret that will bond you to your ‘crew’ forever! When you head to one of these crazy places, it’s always better to be single and ready to mingle! 

Interrail Through Eastern Europe Exploring the eccentric, fascinating, and achingly beautiful landscapes, cities, villages, and people of Eastern Europe is an eye-opening and magical experience. The new friendships you will form in small Baltic hostels or on rickety Balkan sleeper trains will live forever (in your Facebook at least!). Traversing Eastern Europe by train is best done when you’re single because the experience is more formative that way, and you are also more likely to mingle and let your hair down when you know that nothing you do or say on your Eastern European odyssey is likely to come back to haunt you in your future!


Explore the Deepest Recesses of Your Consciousness in an Amsterdam Park or the Amazon Jungle Hallucinogenic truffles are legal in Amsterdam, and ayahuasca retreats are legal in Peru. Both truffles and ayahuasca are natural but strong hallucinogenic substances. Many people from around the world travel to these two destinations to legally experience the mind-altering, consciousness-expanding effects of these plants. Due to the deeply thought-provoking and often life-changing nature of the experiences that people have when they take truffles or ayahuasca, it might be best to have these experiences by yourself, so you can have lots of alone time to process the strangeness and incorporate any earth-shattering realizations you have into your ‘real’ life. Bring a large, empty journal!


Hopefully you found that list inspiring! Whether you’re speeding down a Southeast Asian highway going who-knows-where, shaving your best buddy’s eyebrows in Cancun, falling in love (yet again!) in a Balkan hostel, or seeing reality for the first time in Amsterdam or the Amazon… Don’t forget to share your singleton travel experiences (the polite ones, at least!) on your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!