If you’re someone who flies frequently, you could be forgiven for balking at the price of a business class seat. Why would you pay the big bucks when you can get to the same location on the same plane for a fraction of the cost? While this is true, there are some really great reasons why it’s sometimes great to splash out on an upgrade. If you’re pinching pennies, save your flight splurge for a long-haul flight when you’ll enjoy it the most. It’s also worth being loyal to a particular airline and signing up to their members’ program, as you might one day be rewarded with a complimentary upgrade. There’s no reason not to treat yourself, BUCKiTDREAMer!

  1. The food

Airplane food does not have the best reputation, and this is not an unfair stereotype. Tasteless, rubbery, and bland meals that do nothing to satiate hunger seem to be standard on most economy flights, but no expense is spared on making sure that the grub in business class is of the highest standard. On most airlines, you’ll be asked to make selections from a gorgeous three-course menu and they usually offer a cheese course in addition to this – carefully selected by experts, of course. You’ll come off your flight full of the best food that you won’t believe was served at 30,000ft. 

  1. The booze

If you think the food is fantastic, wait until you see the selection of alcohol on board a business class flight. You’ll be offered a selection of wines, usually paired with your food, as well as numerous types of spirits, beers, and ciders. While those in economy just have to hope that their red wine won’t be too gross, you’ll be given the luxury of choosing a Merlot or a Malbec. Just think of it as your own personal bar in the sky and sit back and relax with your favorite beverage. You’ll also be offered as much champagne as you like. 

  1. The bed

This is arguably the best reason to fly business. Nowadays, most business class seats recline into a fully functional bed that is easy and comfortable to sleep in. You might even be offered slippers and pajamas, depending on your airline, so you’ll be able to get cozy, watch a movie, and properly rest before arriving at your destination. The beds usually come with proper sheets and blankets, so your sleep will be completely comfortable.

  1. The partition

One of the worst parts of flying economy is the tiny seats. This usually means you end up practically sitting in the lap of the person beside you, or, if you’re unlucky enough to be in a middle seat, you’ll end up squashed between your row-mates. Business class seats have their own partitions, which means you’ll end up with comfort and privacy while you enjoy your flight. You won’t have to worry about the gross person beside you coughing all over you or rubbing their unwashed hands on your shared armrest, as your space is all yours and you won’t be asked to share at all. 

  1. Priority boarding

One of the worst parts of flying is waiting in an endlessly long line while a slow cabin crew member meticulously checks passports and boarding passes at a snail’s pace. For business class passengers, this just isn’t a concern. Most airlines will offer priority boarding to their business class customers so you’ll be one of the first people on the plane. As well as that, you’ll get more time to get comfortable in your roomy seat while those in economy file onto the plane. No more rushing, no more squeezing down tiny aisles, and no more waiting endless hours at the boarding gate! 

  1. The silverware

Is there anything more depressing than plastic cutlery? As well as looking odd, it’s never very functional. It’s prone to breaking and if you’re planning on slicing through anything with even the smallest resistance, be prepared to sacrifice your knife to the airline gods. In business class, you’re given proper silverware to eat your food with, which really adds to the luxury of the experience. The fun part is that it’s usually magnetic, so it won’t slip or slide around your tray, or, even worse, clatter to the floor where you’ll have little chance of retrieving it.

  1. Lounge access

If you’re an early bird who hates being late, you can often be left high and dry at the airport before your flight departs and in desperate need of a phone charger. If you’re flying business class, you don’t need to fret. Most airlines will give complimentary access to their lounge, along with the free food, drinks, and amenities that come with it, to all passengers flying in business class. There are workspaces, newspapers, and lots of power outlets so you won’t run low on juice before climbing aboard your flight.


  1. The quiet

As there are fewer people in business class, there are also fewer opportunities for those people to be noisy and disruptive. There’s nothing worse than being ready to nod off and then being rudely awoken by a couple having an argument or a baby crying. It is actually relatively rare for children to travel by business class and due to the partitions, even people who are traveling together don’t have the opportunity to chat much while in the air. This all means you’re going to be able to relax, nap, and properly enjoy your flight without the risk of being interrupted by unwelcome noise.


You may wish to switch off and enjoy the experience, but the truth is that it’s so much fun making your friends green with envy when they see your in-flight adventures. Don’t forget to upload your business class snaps to Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram for full exposure.