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How I Became a Cinematographer and Shot a Feature Film

Dreamer: Tommy Fitzgerald Dream: To Become a Cinematographer The Dream I’ve been interested in film since I was a child. Movies like Predator, Alien, Terminator and most of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s back catalog got me hooked on the medium, and I’ve known I wanted to work in the magic of cinema ever since. Obviously, working full time in an industry as competitive as cinema is a hard mountain to climb, but I was lucky in that I was able to focus on it since I was a teenager; it afforded me a valuable head start. The cinematography is the process of...

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Become a Mob Boss for a Day with a Visit to the Mob Museum in Las Vegas

Back in its heyday, Las Vegas was home to some of the most infamous and dangerous men in America. Members of the Mob lived it up, gambling and drinking their way through Prohibition while trying their best to evade law enforcement. Want to know what it was like to be a powerful and feared gangster? Head to Vegas’ Mob Museum(officially called the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement) for a truly unique and authentic mobster experience. Skip seeing the same old boring Vegas sights on the Strip. As a BUCKiTDREAMER, you’re a Pathfinder – much like the...

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Drink Yourself Silly with a Beer-Themed Visit to Denver, Colorado

  Fancy yourself a beer connoisseur? If you know the difference between an IPA and a regular old Bud Light and love debating which lager has the best flavor, you’ll love visiting Denver, Colorado. The Mile High city is famous for its breweries, beer tastings, and general willingness to knock back a few. Don’t stick to boring tourist spots – your refined beer palate demands you travel like a BUCKiTDREAMER. So, that means you should only be hitting up the best beer-themed spots that Denver has to offer! Read on for some not-to-be-missed chugging opportunities!  Of Coors You Love Beer...

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How to Shop Rodeo Drive Like a Celebrity

  Fancy yourself a star (without the fame)? If you believe you deserve to treat yourself like a celebrity does, you should head to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California for the ultimate elite shopping experience. This two-mile strip of road (between Santa Monica Boulevard and Wilshire Boulevard) is one of the most famous destinations in Southern California. With some of the most expensive boutiques and shops in the country, you’ll be able to indulge your celebrity fantasies in style. Plus, as a BUCKiTDREAMER, you can bypass those tired ol’ tourist attractions and take part in a shopping spree...

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Become a Pioneer for a Weekend in Sacramento, California

      Ever wondered what it would be like to be a pioneer back in the 1800s? If you’ve ever fantasized about riding on a covered wagon or screaming “Eureka!” when you finally strike gold, you should definitely plan a dream weekend in Sacramento, California. The city offers many opportunities to learn the history of the place, as well as experience what life was actually like as a hardscrabble pioneer woman or tough-as-nails gold miner. Those brave adventurers never took the boring path, and neither should you! As a BUCKiTDREAMER, you’re used to paving your own way, so...

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