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The Cape to Cape Hike: Exploring the Natural Beauty of Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park

¬†CLICK HERE TO ADD THIS DREAM TO YOUR BUCKET LIST! A hiking holiday can be the experience of a lifetime. Sure, it’s not as glamorous as a week or two in Bora Bora, but trekking your way through scenes of stunning beauty can have its own rewards. You’ll enjoy the fresh air of the rugged outdoors, you’ll do your body some good, and ultimately you’ll feel like you’ve achieved something at the end of it all (while making some awesome memories along the way, of course). Hiking holidays aren’t for everybody, but for those with hikes aplenty cropping up...

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6 Reasons Why An Adventure Tourist Will Love The Azores

For many clued-in voyagers, the Azores will have already nabbed a premium spot on their travel bucket list. This exotic and enigmatic region flung far out into the Atlantic ocean, has long represented a desirable location to spend a couple of weeks for that in-the-know. However, despite some international attention (including that most prestigious of recognitions from UNESCO), the region remains largely unknown with the majority of jet-setters. Which is great in some ways, and not so great in others; the Azores are a breathtaking collection of islands, which feature some of the most stunning natural beauty on the...

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Tenerife North: An Undiscovered Paradise

Many people know about Tenerife, that beautiful patch of paradise that marks the end of the Canary Islands. If you asked someone to conjure up an image of Tenerife, they’d probably reply with talk of seaside resorts, crowded beaches, and colorful cocktails. That’s certainly one side of Tenerife – the southern side. But take a trek up north and you might just discover a completely different aspect to this scenic Spanish getaway, a tale of two islands as it were. Tenerife North isn’t a separate island by a stretch of the imagination, but the atmosphere up there is so...

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Exploring the Sunshine Coast: A Four-Day Guide to a Dream Trip

CLICK HERE AND ADD IT TO YOUR BUCKET LIST The Sunshine Coast certainly sounds like the perfect holiday destination, and in a lot of ways, it provides everything you could want out of a bucket list trip to one of the most beautiful corners of the earth. And we do mean ‘corner’; the Sunshine Coast is located north of Brisbane, on Australia’s gorgeous east coast. The golden shores and scenic natural beauty attract more than three million visitors a year, making it one of the country’s tourist hotspots. Its humid subtropical climate means that the sun is never very...

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Dining in Puglia: How to Eat Your Way Around Italy’s Heel

Of all the romantic destinations in Europe, Italy remains one of the most alluring. The country’s intoxicating mix of architecture, climate and art make it a serious contender for the most beautiful place in the world; when you cap all that good stuff off with seriously attractive citizens and a communal sense of high fashion, you soon realise Italy might just be as close to heaven as we mortals can get. As if all that wasn’t enough to get you over there, Italia also rustles up some of the finest culinary offerings in the world, making it a must-visit...

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