As the old saying goes, ‘Win the morning, win the day.’ What you do in the time immediately after you wake up will strongly set the tone for the rest of your day.

If you start your day well – by doing things that calm you, motivate you, clarify your thinking and charge you up – then you will be ready and able to tackle whatever comes your way, living smartly as your ‘best self’ and making your dreams come true.

If you start you day badly – by stressing yourself out with bad news, aimless internet browsing, interpersonal strife or chronic negative thinking – then you will be tackling the rest of your day with one hand tied behind your back, already on the back foot, hamstrung by a negative frame and lack of essential positive energy.

Unless you start your day well, the chances of your day going brilliantly are slim.

More than any other time of day, first thing in the morning lends itself perfectly to being strictly formatted and planned in advance. You can devise a morning routine that works best for you and, even if it means getting up an hour earlier, stick to it and make it a habit. Once you begin to see and feel the positive results of adhering to a strict morning routine, sticking to it will cease to be difficult, and the rewards will provide all the motivation you need!

You need to create your own morning routine because only you know what works best for you in your life. But we’ve got a few suggestions that you could include in our BUCKiTDREAM list of six pre-breakfast rituals to help supercharge your day.

Get Up at a Regular Time Discipline equals freedom. The more disciplined you are – and by that, we mean doing the things that you know are best for you, without getting blown around and off-track by whimsical emotions, rationalizations, and laziness – then the more free from worry and guilt you will be. That and the more your life will start going in the direction you want it to, which will lead to a decrease in the existential dread that comes when you are drifting aimlessly.

Lounging in bed like a lazy slug pressing the ‘snooze’ button, again and again, eats away at your soul. Getting out of bed at the same preset time every day is empowering – you feel in control. Pick a time that will allow you enough time to complete your morning routine, and then get up at that same time – every single day.

Take a Cold Shower A freezing shower may not feel great at the moment, but the second it’s finished you will feel like a billion dollars! Even a 60-second cold blast at the end of your regular hot shower will do the trick. A cold shower will get your juices flowing, wake you up and energize you like nothing else. There is also a ton of evidence that it increases testosterone production in men and women (which is good for both sexes), and that it improves immune system function.


Perform a Stretching Routine A 10-minute stretching routine will loosen you up, get the blood flowing into those areas of the body that are still asleep and energize you for the day. Many of us are inflexible – our bodies stiff and molded to the crappy, hunched sitting position we adopt all day at work. This situation is pretty terrible because we are storing up a whole host of aches, pains and medical issues for ourselves in later life.

The good news is that a simple stretching routine done consistently, day in and day out, will loosen us up, untie our knots, and get us moving optimally and fluidly again. It will actually allow us to feel (and even look) younger and younger as the weeks and months go by.

Take Time to Meditate Sitting still and focusing on your breath, letting thoughts pop into and out of awareness (and noticing how habitual and random they tend to be) while not judging their content – that’s meditation. It’s also feeling as the ‘watcher’ behind the thoughts, the entity that is noticing them as opposed to identifying with them and believing yourself to be them. Meditating just 5 -10, or even better, 15 – 20 minutes every morning, is a great daily practice.

Set Specific Goals Taking a few minutes to sit down and write out a few goals for the day is very useful. They may be concrete tasks and jobs you need to get done, or even emotional states you want to feel or types of good behavior that you would like to adopt and practice. Set out your intentions for the day. This clarity will allow you to move towards what matters to you with optimal effectiveness. 

Read Something Interesting How long you read for is up to you – an hour, 30 minutes, a few pages. Reading a good book first thing in the morning – preferably one that inspires, motivates and educates you – will give you something positive to think about as you begin your day. If you practice reading, even a small bit on a daily basis, your level of knowledge and your ability to think effectively and clearly will constantly be improving, and you will be growing into a better version of yourself.

That was our BUCKiTDREAM list of six pre-breakfast rituals that will supercharge your day. If you give one or a few of these a try and find that they work well for you, make sure to share them on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and use hashtag #BUCKiTDREAM. Then, after you’re wide awake, you’ve gobbled down some food and you’re ready to seize the day, check off these energizing bucket list items from your list: Ultimate Bungee Jumping Spots in the World and The Top Five Places to Skydive in the World.