It’s very easy to feel like you’re the only single girl left. With everyone proclaiming their relationship statuses on Facebook and their engagements on Instagram, it can be a tough time to be out of a relationship. However, all you need is a slight change in attitude to realize that this is the best time to go traveling! Yes, going away by yourself can be a daunting prospect, but it’ll be the best thing that you ever did. Check out our amazing guide to the best places for single girls to visit and you’ll have the time of your life, BUCKiTDREAMer!

  1. Paris

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While Paris is known as the city of love, the truth is that it’s the perfect place for a solo traveler to visit. It’s best to have some French before you go, as some Parisians are notorious for hating to speak English, but once you get settled, you’ll be delighted you visited. Pop by Sacré-Cœur for some gorgeous views of the city, drink a glass of gorgeous and affordable wine with a yummy croque monsieur, visit Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison in Père Lachaise, and make a wish on top of the Eiffel Tower. There’s nothing better than a solo adventure in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

  1. New York

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The best thing about traveling solo is that you get to set the agenda and do exactly what you want, and there’s no better place to do that than in the city that never sleeps. Treat yourself to some of the most chic and fancy hotels in the world, splash your cash with some excellent luxury and bargain shopping, and eat in some of the most well-recognized and diverse restaurants across the globe. Where else will you get a dollar slice of pizza around the corner from the best Ethiopian food outside of Addis Ababa?

  1. Berlin

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If you want a city experience that’s a little different, you can do no better than super-trendy Berlin. As well as being steeped in modern history, it is also home to some of the best clubs in the world. If you fancy your chances, queue at the world-famous Berghain club, where the super-picky bouncers are likely to turn you away. The secret to getting in is subject to many an internet forum. Make sure you try the local beer and pretzels and don’t forget to visit the Berlin Wall, which, despite being torn down, is still preserved in some parts of the city.

  1. London

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London has long been a center of finance, culture, and politics and is one of the most exciting cities that you can visit as a solo traveler. As well as having lots of brilliant tourist attractions including the London Eye, it is also home to some of the best galleries and museums in the world, including the Victoria and Albert, Tate, and the Natural History Museum. London also has a bustling street food culture, especially around Brick Lane, so make sure you pop down and sample some of the best food for independent businesses.

  1. Camino de Santiago

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If you’re active and looking for any kind of spiritual aspect to your trip, then the Camino de Santiago is for you. It is a network of walking trails across Europe that come together at the tomb of St James, which is located in north-west Spain. If you’re feeling brave you can self-guide, or you can pay for a guided tour. Do whatever you’re comfortable with and make sure that you book your accommodation ahead of time so that you’re not caught short. Don’t forget to pack light because you’ll have to carry your backpack or pay extra to have your bag dropped at your next location.

  1. Machu Picchu

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Going to South America is a true rite of passage for any young person, but the trek to Machu Picchu is truly life-changing. A monument created by the extinct Inca people, it is truly unlike anything that exists anywhere else in the world. It is slightly difficult to get to, but local guides can help as thousands visit it every year. As it is a UNESCO protected site, it is being considered for closure for tourism due to the damage happening there every year, so get your skates on so you don’t miss it!

  1. New Zealand

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If you’re looking to really get away without getting too far out of your comfort zone, then you can’t do any better than a few weeks in New Zealand. Its stunning views, excellent public transport, and brilliant hostels make it the perfect destination for any solo traveler to explore the two islands. There are discounts available for backpackers and there’s a huge culture of adventure sports so you can try bungee jumping or skydiving if you’re feeling brave! You can explore glaciers, volcanic landscapes, and caves. There’s something for everyone.


  1. Dublin

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If you’re a single girl, you might be worried about being alone for your trip, but visiting Dublin will allay those fears. There’s no better city to be alone in, as the locals will approach you, chat with you, and make you feel welcome within about ten minutes of walking into any pub. Check out the Gravity Bar at the Guinness Storehouse, where you’ll get spectacular views while enjoying a pint of the black stuff that you’ve poured yourself.   

Don’t forget to make your coupled friends green with envy by uploading snaps of all your adventures to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. While they’re stuck at home, paying mortgages and visiting the in-laws, you’ll be making memories that no wedding can compete with. Get out there and find yourself, single girl! Who knows who you’ll meet while you’re doing it!