Back in its heyday, Las Vegas was home to some of the most infamous and dangerous men in America. Members of the Mob lived it up, gambling and drinking their way through Prohibition while trying their best to evade law enforcement. Want to know what it was like to be a powerful and feared gangster? Head to Vegas’ Mob Museum(officially called the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement) for a truly unique and authentic mobster experience.

Skip seeing the same old boring Vegas sights on the Strip. As a BUCKiTDREAMER, you’re a Pathfinder – much like the mob bosses of old – so blaze your own exciting trail by spending a decadent day at the Mob Museum. You’ll experience Vegas like the true badass gangster you are!

Makin’ History Your first stop at the Mob Museum should be on the first floor. There you’ll get all the background info you need to understand the origins of the Mafia in the “100 Years of Made Men” exhibit. You can even see authentic mob artifacts and listen to actual FBI recordings of some of history’s most notorious criminals. 

The Mob’s Greatest Hit (men) Then head upstairs to the second floor of the museum for some more inside info on the makings of the Mob. There are tons of items and photos that will give you the scoop on some of the Mob’s most gruesome crimes. Don’t miss checking out a pistol confiscated by police that actually belonged to gangster Al Capone and political memorabilia that shows the connection between the Mob and politicians of the day.



Following the Money, The third floor of the museum also offers many must-sees. To get a true understanding of the brutality of the mob, check out the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre exhibit. For a less gruesome section, you can also get schooled on what Prohibition was like for the Mob (clue: kerching!), as well as discover how Vegas became the central hotspot for gangsters.

Hide Underground The basement floor of the Mob Museum is actually an Underground Distillery exhibit where you can learn all about the bootleggers and how they evaded capture by the police during Prohibition. Maybe you can even learn some tips on how to make your own moonshine!

SpeakEasy To Me Once you’ve learned the history of the Mob and alcohol, you should probably drink to get the full experience, right? Head to The Underground Speakeasy in the museum’s basement for history and artifacts that would have been found in a traditional speakeasy. Then, imbibe in a Moonshine Mayhem cocktail or a surreptitious Irish coffee. If you want something non-alcoholic, try the Raspberry Lavender Fizz to whet your whistle.

A Meal For a Mobster Want to dine like Bugsy Siegel? Head to the Plaza Hotel and Casino on Main Street. Inside you’ll find the authentic Oscar’s Steakhouse. They have an offer with the museum for a special three-course dinner menu, a cocktail, and admission to the museum for just $99 a person!



Head Downtown Need a place to rest after living like a high roller? The Downtown Grand Hotel, across the street from the museum, offers a special package of two admission tickets to the museum as well as a guest room at the hotel. Because we know that even though you’re living the gangster life, you still appreciate a good deal!

Get to know how it truly feels to be a mob boss by venturing to Vegas, and share your trip on BUCKiTDREAM so other travelers will feel inspired as well! And don’t forget to check out “Want to Recreate The Hangover? 5 of the Wildest Casinos in Las Vegas” and “The Four Best Magic Acts You Can Find in Las Vegas” for other Vegas travel inspiration!