Traveling by bike creates a far more tactile, sensory experience than traveling by train, car, bus or flying. Unlike its counterparts, cycling brings you closer to the action, and ensures you don’t miss out on the details – the sounds (the trickling water of a small mountain river), sights (that single bluebell that sits alone and proud amongst a sea of brown and green), textures – that really make a trip. But in order for a cycling trip to hold your attention like faster forms of travel, you have to guarantee you are not traveling in some nondescript land from one mundane town to the next and falling asleep at the handlebars. Which is where BUCKiTDREAM comes in!

We’ve created a list of the best cycling trips in the world so that you can save yourself the headache of finding one and save yourself the heartache of picking the wrong one. On these trips you can speed through or meander your way – it’s entirely up to you. If you do it as a group, just make sure that you all have relatively similar fitness levels or are at least all willing to wait for the slowest members. One last thing before we get started: don’t forget to add your favorites to your BUCKiTDREAM bucket list planner! Alright, let’s begin.

Bring Out the Daredevil in You At The Death Road, Bolivia The ominous nickname (its true name is The North Yungas Road) is well deserved, as this is generally considered the most dangerous road in the world – forty miles of tarmac, connecting La Paz and Coroico, that runs alongside a treacherous 600-meter cliff that would have you feeling very wobbly in the knees if you were curious enough to look down. It has a legendary status among die-hard cyclists and adrenaline junkie backpackers. It may strike fear in all but the most lionhearted but the extensive views of the Bolivian Amazon rainforest make it all seem worth it in the end. Check out Gravity Bolivia for more information and bike hire.

Take the Colossal Route From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam This route is one of the most magical we’ve ever experienced, traveling past Vietnam’s prettiest, sandy beaches. This 746-mile journey stretches between the country’s two biggest cities. Not for the delicate or unfit, it’s fit with varied road surfaces and steep climbs over and around natural obstacles, such as the Hai Van Pass that marks the division between North and South Vietnam. But if your body is able to take a beating, the vibrant vistas reward you handsomely.

Bike From the Dead Sea To the Red Sea, Jordan An exhilarating journey, dense with geographical, historical and cultural splendor, that takes you across Jordan, providing unbelievable views across the Promised Land. Starting on Mount Nebo, moving along the shores of the Dead Sea, 418m below sea level (the lowest point on earth), past desert landscapes and toward the Red Sea. Along the way, you’ll pass many crusader fortresses such as the magnificent Karak Castle, as well as the stunning, traditional town of Petra. You’ll be struck by the warmth and hospitality of the local people if you allow yourself the time to explore.

Journey Across Route du Comte Jean, Belgium/France Belgium is known for its Flemish Cycle Route that passes along serene country roads and quaint little paths. The Route du Comte Jean gobbles up 137 miles of the web of Flemish cycle paths, from Bruges into northern France. With coastal winds, this journey can become quite challenging, though there is an absence of hills.

Ride The Great Ocean Road, Australia Possibly the most renowned road in all Australia and an extremely common road trip route, the Great Ocean Road takes cyclists along a stunning coastal road that connects the southeastern Australian towns of Allansford and Torquay. Check out the giant limestone stacks that dominate their landscape, the 12 Apostles, off the shore of Port Campbell National Park. Also along this route is white sand, green water beaches perfect for surfing, great food, and the peaceful rainforest of the Otway Ranges brimming with waterfalls, thriving ferns, and ancient fauna. If you have time on your hands, be sure to check out the off-road tracks for a particularly unique experience.

Let’s Get Specific With the Pacific Coast, Canada & USA Beginning in Vancouver and finishing up near the Mexican border, this whopping 2000-mile route runs alongside the Pacific coastal highway through Washington, Oregon, and California. Cyclists will ride over magical mountain passes, cross the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and have the big waves of California’s beautiful surfing beaches as a backdrop as you finish up.

So, there’s our list of the best cycling trips in the world. We’ve traveled the globe over, from Vietnam to Canada, from Jordan to Chile in search of the most memorable trips! So pick one, get your backpack packed, and go create some lasting memories. If you have enjoyed this, please share with friends and family so others can become as knowledgeable as you! And, if you’re ever seeking to fill your life with more adventure, BUCKiTDREAM is the place to be – we have a huge library of the best places to eat, drink, see and do magical, once-in-a-lifetime experiences.