BUCKiTDREAM today is officially unleashing in the Apple App store (2.0.9 for IOS), and the Android Marketplace (2.0 for Android). For the first time we are giving Dreamers the opportunity to post and share their dreams with their friends via our new web version of the dream platform, only available at BUCKiTDREAM.com.

The new version of BUCKiTDREAM includes the following features:

*Updated Design – The new look makes it easy for Dreamers to be inspired as they scroll through the DreamFeed and quickly add dreams they like to their bucket list. New buttons have been added to quickly engage with dreams they have a connection with.

*New Sharing Feature – The new Share button makes it easy to share a dream with your friends on your favorite social networks like, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and email.

*The To Do List – The new To Do List feature allows you to have an even more engaging game plan for your Dreams where you can add details of what you’d like to do during your dream including how you will get there, which hotel you’d like to stay at, what activities you’d like to accomplish and more.

*Updated Dream Planner 
– The updated Dream Planner now helps dreamers even better plan the most important details of your dream. From adding a To-do List, Adding a Location, and Setting a Budget for your dream.

*Video – For the first time, BUCKiTDREAM has introduced Video into their dream app, suggesting dreamers may be able to upload and share videos very soon. Nine beautiful videos of a fellow traveler are showcased in the Discover section giving inspiration to the dreamer.

*Updated DreamFeed – The DreamFeed is now organized with the content that is most important to you. The default view showcases dreams from around the world, with options to customize your feed by Dreamers you are Following, Trending, and dreams Nearby.

*Web Version – The beautiful and immersive experience is now available online. Dreamers can do almost everything on web as they can do on mobile such as creating dreams, sharing them with friends, and engaging with dreams from around the world. BUCKiTDREAM is creating a seamless experience where dreamers can create, update and live their dreams wherever they are in the world.

*New Photos and Image Customization – Dreams are personal, so what better way than to be able to customize the photo of your dreams. The new update suggests beautiful images you can add as your cover photo of your dream by keyword matching from the title of the dream.

Download the Dream App today: iOS | Android