Hey Buckitdream Community!

From October 22-29, 2016, some of our internal Buckitdream team members and some dreamers from the Buckitdream community will come together in Yogyakarta, Indonesia to build a home for a family in need. We currently have 9 of 12 spots filled and we are still looking for 3 more people to join us. We are happy to share that Katy Charles & her daughter Holly are our newest Rock The House volunteers to join us in this initiative and they could use your help. Each person who attends must pledge on their own and RAISE the necessary funds as part of their pledge. Each volunteer has to raise a minimum donation of $1500  AUS. This will cover supplies and materials for the home for each volunteer. (This is tax deductible.) And they also have to pay for in-country expenses which is approximately $700 AUS. These expenses include their accommodations, meals, bottled water, ground transportation and local activities. This doesn’t include the cost of flights, visa, vaccinations, and travel insurance. Katy & Holly have been fundraising for this trip in a variety of ways from Facebook posts to Holly selling chocolates in school to most recently collecting coins in a tin can. They have expressed how much this trip means to them and how they want to do their part in paying it forward to create a life changing impact in the community of Yogyakarta. Please join Katy, Holly, & Buckitdream as we contribute to the creation of a rock solid future for generations to come. Healthy homes, with cement floors, improved ventilation, clean water and sanitation facilities have immediate health benefits. Families will also receive skills training and with a home to call their own, they have a place to start a business and earn a steady income. Please see our recent interview with Katy to learn why her and her daughter Holly decided to take part in this initiative.

1. Tell us about yourself & your daughter.

“My daughter Holly turns 16 this October and I have recently celebrated my 50th birthday. We live in a little cottage in Northern New South Wales with my 10 year old son and a menagerie of animals. I spent 25 odd years in the entertainment industry as a performer, vocalist and actor before I took time off to be a mum. Holly is in grade 10, loves reading and competing on her horse. She plays guitar and sings. I’ve gone back to University to do a double degree in Arts/education and plan on continuing study.”

2. What made you & your daughter want to participate in RTH?

“I noticed a Buckitdream post on Facebook a month or so ago and I clicked on the link and watched the Rock The House video. We were renovating our little cottage at that moment and at that time Holly was outside washing the walls of the house in preparation for painting. The images of Suze painting the wall in Yogjakarta reminded me of what Holly was doing and it sort of clicked in my head that we could do this too. I took the laptop out and showed Holly and asked her if she would like to do this as a way to celebrate her 16th Birthday. Her grin was huge and she got so excited at the prospect- no hesitation – yes! I did a little research into flights within our budget and thought why not? Lets do it. I’ve promised my son we can do it for his 16th too.”

3. Have you ever been to a third world country or gave back to others in a way like this initiative with Rock The House?

“My kids spent a lot of their childhood in Vanuatu, where we lived for a few years. Our local village became our neighbors and the ni- Vanuatu people, although many only earn around $50 a week, are gentle and warm. We have many friends there who we consider family. We visit often and it’s so lovely to see the kids all growing up. The Islands were devastated by Cyclone Pam a few years ago and we raised $1500 in 4 days to help one of our families. Holly held a book and shoe drive at her school in year 4 to collect books and shoes for the kids at our village school. My kids have been so lucky to spend time seeing the things that really matter through the time we spent in Vanuatu. They acknowledge their privilege.”


4. What are the current ways you all are fundraising to raise money for your trip to RTH?

“We are using Facebook to ask friends & family for help. Holly is raising money using a coin tin and selling chocolates. And we are begging from family to help us.”


5. Is there anything on your bucket list that you are currently completing?

“Yes, I went back to university. I’m loving my university education. There is so much to learn and so little time. Every day is a new challenge and gaining knowledge has been a fantastic journey. My love of learning has been rekindled. There are so many things I would put on my bucket list. Not just places but experiences. I’d love to keep making a million memories with my kids and then, when they go off to make their own memories I’m thinking of using my education degree to teach somewhere out of the ordinary.”

6. Do you have any any advice for dreamers that want to try new a new career like you?

In the moment of dreaming, don’t be afraid to try something new. A professor once told me, “Do you know how to eat an elephant?” I said, “No.” He said, “One bite at a time.” So, DO IT.

6. How can others help make this trip to Indonesia possible for you & your daughter?

We are slowly reaching our target but every little donation will edge us closer. Here are our links, if you would like to contribute.:

Katy: http://support.habitat.org.au/KatyCharlesOtto

Holly: http://support.habitat.org.au/hollyotto

Buckitdream community, we can use your help to make Katy & Holly’s Buckitdream to build a home in Yogyakarta possible.

Your donation will support an incredible building experience for them and help provide vital funds to the work Rock The House & Habitat for Humanity is doing. Whatever you can offer can make an incredible difference for those in need of housing. Every cent counts.

If you are interested in joining us on this trip, please see this blog post for additional information: https://blog.buckitdream.com/2016/08/05/join-us-habitat-humanity-first-global-give-campaign-2/ .