The actual wedding might be the source of the most stress in the lead-up to the big day, but the honeymoon is the part you really want to get right. As a newlywed couple, this is the chance to embark on the adventure of your dreams, and no expense should be spared when planning that picture-perfect debut getaway. The world is literally your oyster; you can venture off anywhere you choose, north, south, east, or west, with a huge number of fascinating countries and cultures just waiting to be explored. One of the most popular destinations coming to the fore in recent times in South East Asia, a magical world that’s a world away from the U.S. – literally and figuratively!

Many countries constitute South East Asia, so you can either opt for one destination for your honeymoon or go on a little tour of the locale’s big hitters. Either way, you’re set for some serious fun, and most likely amazing weather; the South East Asian countries are known for their generous climate and laid-back lifestyle. Log on to BUCKiTDREAM to see if you can touch base with any other eager newlyweds who have just come back or are just about to jet off on their own honeymoon, then keep your BUCKiTDREAM planner by your side (right next to your wedding planner!) as we take you through five amazing honeymoon spots in South East Asia.

Singapore It’s is one of the most beautiful countries in the area that provides serious value for money if your honeymoon happens to be on a tight budget. It’s one of the most affordable places you can visit in South East Asia, and also among the most breathtaking. If you’re into a more urban feel, Singapore could be the place for you, as there are excellent shopping opportunities and a burgeoning restaurant scene.  A must-see, while you’re there, is the stunning Gardens by the Bay, a public garden spanning 101 acres of land, smack-bang in the middle of the downtown Singapore.

Thailand Though it’s usually associated with student trips and years out between studying, Thailand is a bona fide paradise that can provide a unique adventure for a newlywed couple. There’s a whole heap of cultures strewn in and mourned the country, providing color and flair in its nucleus, the bustling hub of Bangkok. Outside the capital, there’s reflective beauty to be found in the form of hikes or beach days; the pace of your vacation is very much set by you. For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, visit the Elephant Nature Park to get up close and personal with the majestic beasts in their natural habitat.

Vietnam It is the place to go if you’re looking for a resort-type honeymoon. There’s many to be found in amongst the luscious scenery, from the zen-focused to the luxury-based. Vietnam is perfect if you and your new groom or bride want to get away from everything and create your own little world for a couple of weeks. The country is thick with ancestry and culture so you can enjoy a more relaxed pace than some of the other South East Asian regions. If all the wedding antics have left you frazzled and you’re looking to focus solely on each other, Vietnam is the destination for you.

Malaysia It has two sides to it: the hip, urban side, personified by the main bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, and the more reflective, relaxing side, which can be found in the numerous stretches of silver-sanded beaches and jungle-covered mountains. One of the most popular rural excursions in Malaysia is a trip to Kota Kinabalu, a coastal town surrounded by thick rainforest and shimmering coasts. It’s also the home of Kinabalu National Park, which houses the 4095m high Mt. Kinabalu – a must-hike for any serious rambling couple.

Laos One of the lesser known countries in South East Asia, but that shouldn’t make it any less enticing for the newlywed young couple. In fact, Laos was only opened to international tourists recently (compared to the other popular destinations), so much of it remains undisturbed and undiscovered. The must-do when it comes to Laos is a serene boat ride up the beautiful Mekong River, the main aquatic thoroughfare of the country, which runs all the way down Thailand to Vietnam. There are also plenty of temples to explore in Laos, so if you’re looking for an expedition-based, active honeymoon with plenty of rest and relaxation threw in, this might be the destination for you.

So maybe all of these places have piqued your interest, or maybe one of them has really got your attention. Either way, it’s all up to you and your significant other. Spend a little time in each of them, or really get to know one of them; you’re going to have a magical time regardless! Check out What to Pack for Your South East Asia Adventure to get you started, then keep that BUCKiTDREAM planner with you as you navigate the wedding, then embark on the honeymoon!