Crossing the Ponte Sisto over the river Tiber will bring you to Rome’s painfully cool quarter, Trastevere. A former plague colony, Trastevere is now home to some of the best tourist-free trattorias in the city. The quiet cobblestoned streets of this district are packed with gastronomical delights at every turn.

By filling your BUCKiTDREAM planner with these Trasteverean treats, you’ll be sure to make your Roman adventure one that your stomach will never forget. We hope you’re hungry BUCKiTDREAMER because we’re about to make a beeline for Rome’s tastiest district!

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in Le Levain For BUCKiTDREAMERs with a sweet tooth, you need to visit adorable Italian pastry makers Le Levain. Here you’ll find sumptuously delicious traditional Italian desserts, as well as a smattering of French-inspired treats. You’ll be spoiled with choosing among the choux pastries, tarts, and cannolis, but the real gem in this bakery’s crown is their to-die-for macaroons.

Address: 0153, Via Luigi Santini, 22, 00153 Roma RM, Italy

Scream for Ice Cream in Gelateria del Teatro When in Rome, do as the Romans do and gorge on delicious, creamy gelato! Our pick for Trastevere’s finest gelateria – and believe us, there’s some stiff competition – is Gelateria del Teatro, on the banks of the Tiber. This gelateria specializes in their own blend of unique flavors like rosemary and crème brulée. If you’re a gelato purist and would rather stick to the classics, they also do a mean stracciatella.

Address: Via dei Coronari, 65-66, 00186 Roma RM, Italy

Chow Down at Suppli Great Trasteverean food doesn’t always come in the form of a sit-down meal. Supplì – local favorite hole-in-the-wall – serves up the most delicious snack food in the city. You can never go wrong with the ever-changing takeaway pasta specials from this place. They rotate the specials – gnocchi on Thursdays, seafood pasta on Fridays etc. – so you’ll never get bored of what the diligent chefs conjure up. If you’re looking for something less heavy, try the eponymous supplì and potato croquettes.

Address: Via di S. Francesco a Ripa, 137, 00153 Roma RM, Italy

Brave the Queue in Ai Marmi As one of Trastevere’s finest pizzerias, Ai Marmi cooks up delicious, traditional thin-crust pizza that would satisfy even the most stubborn Roman. Don’t be too put off by the ever-present queue that snakes outside this place – trust us, it’s worth the wait. When you get inside you’ll understand just why it’s so popular. The pizza is divine, the sides are exquisite (especially the fried zucchini flowers) and the seating arrangement, well, it’s cozy!

Address: Viale di Trastevere, 53, 00153 Roma RM, Italy

Take Every Recommendation in Popi Popi Located smack bang in the center of Trastevere, Popi Popi is a massive authentic trattoria perfect for the budget conscious BUCKiTDREAMER. This is the type of place that you’ll find teeming with tourists and locals alike, all packed into the colorful charming red checkered tables. The menu in this place is extensive and seriously wallet friendly. Pizza is their specialty, and it’s made to perfection in the traditional Italian method with a thin, crispy base.

If you’re somehow not a pizza lover, fear not! Popi Popi’s pasta menu is just as delicious. For dessert, you simply must try their unforgettable tiramisu – it’s famous all across the city. Perhaps the most endearing thing about this local favorite spot is the effervescently charming waiting staff. Matteo and his band of merry men will keep you laughing the night away, and will always insist you finish up your meal with a tasty shot of limoncello.

Address: Via Delle Fratte di Trastevere, 45, 00153 Roma RM, Italy

Carbo-Load in Le Mani in Pasta Hidden down an unassuming side street, Le Mani in Pasta is Mecca for Roman pasta lovers. The English-speaking wait staff are wonderfully friendly and are as passionate about pasta as you are. Should you order what they think isn’t the best special on offer that night, you’ll be swiftly debated and will find yourself conceding to your charming server – and you’ll be happy that you did. The monstrous portions here are for sharing – unless you’re feeling particularly hungry – and come with a generous side portion of authentic Italian focaccia bread. If you’re lucky, you might get to Le Mani on a night when their divine cheese and pepper ravioli is on offer.

Address: Via dei Genovesi, 37, 00153 Roma RM, Italy

Try Rome’s Best Pizza in Dar Poeta Finding Dar Poeta can be a bit of an adventure. Navigating the back streets to find this Trasteverean institution is pretty tough – especially after a glass or five of Chianti – considering it evades even Google Maps’ searching eyes. You’ll know you’ve found this place when you see the ever-present snaking queue outside the front. Don’t be put off by the intimidating queue – this is simply the price you pay to get a taste of Rome’s most delicious pizza. The pizzas here speak for themselves. They’re made from yeast-free, slow-rise dough and cooked in an authentic Roman pizza oven. You can’t go wrong with any of the pies on this menu but the deliciously spicy Lingua de Foco pizza is absolutely sublime. For dessert, you have to try the Nutella Ricotta Calzone – need we say more?!

Address: Vicolo del Bologna 45, 00153 Rome, Italy

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