Meet Charles Koh, VP of Product at BUCKiTDREAM! He just crossed a bucket list item off his list – Go Hot Air Ballooning. Drive 30 miles Northeast of Seattle and you’ll hit a small town called Snohomish that is filled with farms, boutique restaurants and shops. It’s the perfect location for hot air ballooning with its abundance of land, low buildings and gorgeous views. The land is the keyword here as landing the balloon often requires flying to a large farm. It was my first time on a hot air balloon so I had no idea what to expect except for being really high up and having my knees shake throughout the ride. Once you’re up in the air, around 6,000 feet above ground, the balloon is super steady and you can barely feel it moving. Where your palms get sweaty is the size of the balloon, it’s about 6 feet wide so you don’t have much space to move around. If you live in Washington and want to go on a fun, safe and adventurous ride, ask for Jay at Balloon Depot. Check out my other items on my bucket list on the iOS app, download it here.



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