Ibiza is the most famous party island anywhere in space and time. Well, that we know of anyway; maybe SETI will discover an even more intergalactically well-known party island some day, but until then, several of our dimension’s hottest clubs call this small island “home”, and all the world’s greatest DJs regularly perform in its hallowed venues.

But as well as being a Mecca for party people, music lovers and young, beautiful hedonists from every corner of the globe, Ibiza is also a very pretty little island with a rich history and a host of hidden treasures and curiosities, many of which your Grandma could even enjoy! In addition to the spectacular clubs, wild parties, lusty beaches, and resorts where ‘what happens in Ibiza stays in Ibiza’, the island has a quieter side, with yoga retreats, wellness spas, hippy markets, traditional restaurants, cooking classes, horseback trekking, and beautiful nature, all bustling along in the shade of the superclubs.

Driving around Ibiza is easy and enjoyable, so we recommend hiring a car and exploring the island at your leisure. You will create a wealth of memories that will stay with you for life.

So, by all means, hit the hot clubs hard and be as naughty as your heart desires, but don’t forget to explore the quaint and friendly underbelly of the universe’s most mega party island. Before you make your trip to Ibiza, have a look at our list of recommended activities and take note of your favorites in your BUCKiTDREAM planner.


Back Camera

Hit the Superclubs Ibiza is best known for its clubs, and no trip to the island would be complete without sampling at least one or two. The clubs that show up in most people’s Top 10 list are Amnesia, DC 10, Eden, Pacha Ibiza, Privilege, Space, and Ushuaia. Check listings for the DJs and events that are happening in each one during your stay on the island.

Explore Ibiza Town The island’s capital is the beautiful port city of Ibiza Town or Eivissa in Catalan. Ibiza Town has it all – from hot clubs like Pacha to hip bars, excellent restaurants serving local and international cuisine, and great shopping. The Old Town has lots of adorable little alleys and backstreets to explore.

Find Ibiza’s Best (Secret) Beaches When it comes to beach-hunting in Ibiza, a short drive off the beaten track can be very rewarding. Aguas Blancas, Cala Llenya, and Cala Xuclar are three beautiful beaches that are a bit more relaxed than the main tourist sand-spots, which often have loud music and can be pretty crowded.


Detox the Mind and Body On a Yoga Retreat Ibiza Retreats offer yoga and meditation courses in some of the most unspoiled locations on the island. A few days in the care of Ibiza Retreats founder Larah Davis will seriously relax you and bring you back into connection with yourself, ensuring that you feel the glow of this retreat for months afterward.

Get Pampered At the Atzaro Spa A full-day spa experience will be one of the most relaxing experiences of your life. This spa is famous across the island and beyond for its full-body treatments, massages, luxurious sauna, hammam and pool, and the sumptuous nature in which it is nestled. A full-day pass gets you full access to all spa and gym facilities, lunch at La Veranda and a treatment or massage.

Take Cooking Classes at Les Terrasses Finca, Santa Eulalia Learn how to cook a range of local and international dishes from Françoise Pialoux and her team of chefs. This restaurant and retreat use only the best organic ingredients, mostly sourced from their own on-site gardens. This is a great way to relax and unwind while learning skills that will stay with you forever.


Go horseback Trekking In the Magical ‘Valley Of the Horses’ In the north of the island lies the peaceful and largely undiscovered natural park of Es Murta, where horses live wild and free in a 70-hectare canyon. Most of the horses have been saved from the knacker’s yard, and are retired racehorses and workhorses. A horseback trek through the magical mountains and along the unspoiled beaches of northern Ibiza is a beautiful, back-to-nature experience.

Browse the Punta Arabi Hippy Market Every Wednesday from April to October in Es Canar in northeast Ibiza, the Punta Arabi hippy market takes place; expect lots of live music, performances, tasty food and stalls selling curious items from all over the world. This place is a fascinating melting pot of cultures and styles. There is plenty of great food and entertainment as well as a playground for the kids. This is a great family day out.


Explore the Deep Blue Sea On a Diving Trip Ibiza has some great diving areas and the Aqua Diving Centre offers a range of diving courses for all skill levels. The waters off Ibiza contain lots of exotic fish and marine life as well as deep sea caves and wrecked ships!


High-end Hotel Es Vive lies between Ibiza Town and Playa d’en Bossa. Its awesome location is far enough away from the action to make it chilled and relaxing, but close enough to make hitting the parties and clubs easy-peasy. Its rooftop terrace is a great place to lounge, work on your tan and sip cocktails and its underground bar stays open late, making it an awesome place for an after-party.

Medium Hostal Parque is situated right in the center of the Old Town in Ibiza Town. It’s basic, but clean and comfortable, offering very affordable accommodation right in the heart of the action.

Budget: Hostal Adelino offers basic hostel accommodation with very pleasant and bright rooms across the island in San Antonio the Hostal Adelino; a fun bar, outdoor terrace and pool, and free WiFi – what more do you need?!




Any and all food is available on Ibiza, from basic pub grub to rustic, organic local meals and international haute cuisine.

Can Caus, in the center of Ibiza, is a restaurant that celebrates Ibizan food. It uses locally sourced meat, fruits, vegetables, and wine, to make delicious hearty local dishes. Can Caus is a big favorite with Ibizan families.

Sunset Ashram, near Cala Conta in the northwest of the island, serves a lovely mix of Mediterranean, Japanese and Indian cuisine, and its location means it is the perfect place to dine while watching the sun dip slowly into the Mediterranean sea at the end of another glorious Ibizan day.

Passion is a vegan, vegetarian, macrobiotic and raw food restaurant with a number of branches throughout the island, including Playa d’en Bossa, Marina, and San Jose.

Can Pujol is a modest and unassuming restaurant in a small white building on the beach at the end of San Antonio bay. It is unassuming because it can afford to be – its fish is probably the best on the entire island!

Drinks and Nightlife


Ibiza’s nightlife is exceptional. Apart from the aforementioned superclubs, there’s a whole host of other exciting ways to keep yourself thoroughly entertained all night long.

Some alternative clubs include Aura Ibiza, just outside San Lorenzo, which offers great pre-club dining as well as awesome events and regular impromptu appearances by the top, international DJs, and Ibiza Underground, which is near Privilege and Amnesia, but is much cheaper than the superclubs while still being a super-wild night out.

For a mixture of hot club and risqué (and often fantastically weird) performance art, check out the cabaret clubs Heart and Lio in Ibiza Town.

Most of the main towns on the island have a good mixture of bars, ranging from British and Irish boozers catering to tourists, to small local haunts selling local beers, wines, spirits and tasty tapas.

Tips and Culture


Ibiza Airport is located 7 km southwest of Ibiza Town and receives flights from most major European cities.

High season is May to October, although the island is good for adventure holidays all year round.

All of the main towns on the island have helpful Tourist Offices.

Must See

Witness the Famous Ibiza Sunset Our must see on Ibiza is a free attraction, but no less good for the fact that it won’t cost you a cent. Watching the big orange sun dip down into the Med and then finally disappear, marveling at the strange dusky light and flecks of purple-tinged clouds, is an experience that will make you so very happy to be alive.

Ibiza is a wonderfully vibrant little island, and a definite bucket list destination. So while you are exploring the boutiques of the Old Town, savoring the amazingly fresh local seafood, or partying hard in one of the island’s awesome mega-clubs, why not inspire your friends by sharing your dream Ibiza experiences on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?