While something small and intimate is fine for some of us, some couples plan extravagant getaways overseas, change a bucket list experience into a love story experience and others – they celebrate their relationships by taking things a step further.

It was an evening out in the beautiful city of Havanna, Cuba for Paul and Cassie, a couple who recently took two months off from work to unplug and check off their South & Central America bucket lists. The pair stayed in a nice rooftop apartment that overlooked the ocean. They started their night out at the iconic Cuban music club, ‘Cafe Taberna’. Both were filled with the excitement of trying something new and experience the Cuban culture. Cassie was in for a bigger surprise once returning back to their rooftop apartment when her then-boyfriend decided it was best moment to propose while viewing the beautiful ocean waves ripple away. Read their love story below that was written from the newly engaged himself, Paul.


From Mexico City, we headed to Cuba! 
We had always been excited about checking out Cuba. It didn’t disappoint. 
Cuba is trapped in time! After the Cuban missile crisis, Cuba aligned itself with the other communist countries. This disconnection from the western world has meant Cuba has maintained a truly unique feel. 
We loved all the old American cars some perfectly restored and others looking… Well as they should after 60 plus years on the road. 😄 Most of these amazing gas guzzlers are available to take you on city tours, as well as ‘out of the city’ tours. So all you have to do is pick your favorite color and “to roof or not to roof.”  😎
We based ourselves in the thick of Havana first in a local house “Casa typical” then an air BnB property at a fair price wth an amazing view! (See the details below).
We both love history so in order to get the real story behind all of the beautiful buildings, statues and people we organized a private walking tour. It started at the Spanish fort and old Havana. Our guide, Leo was super passionate and knowledgeable about all the history in Cuba/Havana. He knew everything there was to know about the buildings and really gave us a unique and detailed recount of the ample history. (see details below).

Havana streets


On one of the balmy nights we headed to an iconic Cuban music club called ‘Cafe Taberna’. Just near ‘Plaza Vieja’ (the old Havana square) where we enjoyed a live music show of “Tradicionales Roberto Faz”. (Very similar to Buena vista social club) 
It was a fantastic night! With a 10 piece band aging from about 35 to 90 and dancers to boot we were entertained with great music, amazing dancing, a lot of laughs all finishing in one gigantic conga line! 
That night we walked back to our accommodations through the beautiful streets, noises smells of Havana. Just quietly I had been planning this night for about 6 months. We reached our rooftop apartment looking over the ocean, I quickly went inside and grabbed a small black box. Under the Cuban moonlight far away from home, I dropped on one knee and proposed to my favorite gal. She had no idea it was coming and jumping up and down she said “Si, Si, Si”. The best moment! 
Congratulations Cassie & Paul! We are so happy for you!
Follow Cassie & Paul along their journey on taking on South & Central America. If you haven’t checked out their other blog yet, find the link here — https://blog.buckitdream.com/2016/09/26/follow-cassie-paul-take-south-central-america/.
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