As an intrepid BUCKiTDREAMer, we’re sure you spend plenty of time in airports while on your journey to conquer the world. Though some airports leave a lot to the imagination when it comes to entertainment options – we’re looking at you, Pisa! – there are others that feel more like a holiday themselves than a necessary evil.

So while you’re filling your BUCKiTDREAM planner with dream destinations, pop some of these dream airports into it too so you can enjoy every second of your adventure, from start to finish.

Changi Airport, Singapore As the undisputed king of airports, Singapore’s Changi Airport is every long-haul traveler’s dream. Anything you might want to do to pass time can be found in this top-of-the-line airport, from a tropical butterfly garden (in Terminal Three) to a cozy movie theatre (in Terminal Two).

Nature lovers will not only love Changi for its stunning butterfly garden – complete with towering waterfall – but also for its gorgeous nature trail, which loops around the airport’s plentiful green areas. One magical place this nature trail leads you is the stunning Enchanted Garden of Terminal Two. The Enchanted Garden is a serene green space full of blooming life, with tons of fresh plants and flowers laced with twinkling fiber-optic lights. When you’re done with the Enchanted Garden, visit the equally beautiful sunflower and rare orchids gardens to take in some gleaming color before heading to the rooftop cactus garden.

If you’re more of a tech-head than a nature lover, check out the Social Tree in Terminal One. This 30-foot-high installation is a way to snap and share your holiday photos in interactive booths to have them saved and projected by the marvelous edifice.

After all that exploring you’ll need to soothe your bones. Head to the roof of Terminal One to enjoy a serene dip in the crystalline swimming pool.

Helsinki Airport, Finland As a connecting airport for East Asian travelers, Helsinki airport serves about 15 million passengers each year. Following a massive renovation a couple of years ago, Helsinki airport came into its own as one of Europe’s must-visit travel hubs. Aside from its world-class, super futuristic Finnair lounge, the airport’s most famous feature is its unbelievable art collection, containing awesome works by some of the world’s best contemporary artists. If you’re a bit of a movie buff, be sure to check out the airport’s in-house arthouse cinema, which shows the finest in Finnish film. Relax pre-flight in their ultra-dreamy free relaxation area.

Seoul Incheon Airport, South Korea A beacon of design and engineering innovation, Seoul’s Incheon Airport has racked up countless awards and accolades in its time. Thanks to its second-to-none service and world-class amenities, Incheon has maintained its spot in the world’s best hotels for years and years. You simply could not be bored if you had a stopover in this arc-shaped airport. Feel like stretching the legs? Practice your pirouette on the top-of-the-line ice rink. Need to rest your travel-weary bones? Lie down for an indulgent massage in the on-site spa. Want to up the heat? Chill out in the sauna. Feeling lucky? Hedge your bets with some rounds of Blackjack in the sprawling casino.

Being a Southeast Asian airport, Incheon does Korean, Chinese, and Japanese food seriously well. If you’re feeling homesick and want some culinary delights to remind you of the motherland, Incheon has plenty of incredible Western eateries too.

When you’ve had your fun and your fill of food, take a seat in the airport’s stunning panorama lounge, which gives travelers a bird’s eye view of the runway.

Munich Airport, Germany Having won the coveted title of Europe’s Best Airport, Munich Airport has high expectations to meet when world travelers walk through its doors – and meet them it does. This Bavarian beauty has so much more going for it than just the top-of-the-line gastronomical options that populate its terminals. Firstly, it’s home to the world’s only airport brewery (catch up, Ireland!), which will brew you up some top quality FliegerQuell ale, should that tickle your fancy. Enjoy your ale in Europe’s largest beer garden and chill until your flight is due to leave.

When you’ve had your fill of Bavaria’s best brews, head to Sportalm for a spot of traditional German food in log cabin-style surrounds – complete with ski lift. If you’re lucky enough to be traveling to Munich during Christmas, you’ll be happy to know that Munich Airport has its very own Christmas Market from November through December. The market has everything you’d want from a winter wonderland, including Christmas-themed stalls, gluhwein sellers, and even its own mega ice rink.

Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong Travelers flying into Hong Kong International Airport are treated to some of the most stunning aerial views found around any airport in the world. Descending above the glistening tropical islands, this view is only the first delight that will greet you at this mega airport. Hong Kong International is one of the busiest airports on the planet and, as such, has seriously top-class amenities. When you’ve filled up on delicious treats in the airport’s comprehensive food court, head to the IMAX theatre – the biggest on Chinese territory – to relax in front of a film before your flight departs. If you’re looking for something more exciting, test your piloting skills in the airport flight cabin simulator. Feel like exploring further? Hop on the airport express train and you’ll find yourself in the heart of Hong Kong in mere minutes.

With airports like these, monotonous pre-flight waits are a thing of the past! If you find yourself with a minute to sit down in any of these super fun air hubs, make sure to post your holiday snaps to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and hashtag them #BUCKiTDREAM to inspire your fellow travelers.