Skydiving is for the most adventurous or the craziest traveler, depending on your viewpoint. Jumping out of a plane while strapped to another might sound like something you’d only do with a gun held to your head, but the truth is that the adrenaline rush is like nothing else. It also allows you to see the world from a totally different viewpoint as your parachute opens and you can float through the sky until your feet hit solid ground again. It’s a combination of a total adrenaline rush, followed by a blissful descent.

There are countless businesses operating globally that offer different packages for skydiving, but if you’re a newbie, you’ll be doing a tandem jump, strapped to an experienced skydiver. Usually, a package will include transport to the jump site, equipment hire, flight costs for your ascent and some even include photos! If you’re feeling brave and like you want a completely unforgettable experience, check out our list below and plan your trip to see some of the world’s most beautiful spots in a totally different light.

Reach Out and Touch the Face Of God At Rio De Janeiro, Brazil As one of the largest cities in Brazil, Rio has secured its rightful place on the checklist of any traveler seeking sun, sea and incredible food, but it also offers adrenaline junkies a stunning skyline to enjoy while skydiving, thanks to companies such as Parachuting in Rio.

As well as its iconic Christ the Redeemer statue, Rio has beautiful seascapes, mountains and the cityscape to enjoy. You can stay in the city and do the jump there or else travel a couple of hours outside of the city limits, staying in the municipality for a less urban jump. No matter which option you pick, you’re guaranteed an outstanding experience.

Howl At 12,000 Feet At Fox Glacier, New Zealand

While Queenstown has earned its reputation as the adventure capital of the Kiwi state, Fox Glacier offers thrill-seekers visiting New Zealand a slightly different experience.

Instead of seascapes, skydiving at Fox Glacier offers you the chance to soar through the sky while looking down on the natural phenomenon of the Fox Glacier. Located near the small town of Franz Josef, packages can be easily booked in the local tourist office or online ahead of time. It’s also worth taking the time to travel onto the glacier.

Float Above the Clouds In Cape Town, South Africa

Africa’s most popular tourist destination is the ideal location for a skydive. As well as beautiful beaches, it also offers gorgeous mountain views, including the iconic Table Mountain.

You’ll be taken slightly outside of the city itself by your skydive guides and during the flight will be able to see such awesome sights as the Cape of Good Hope and Robben Island, which houses the prison where Nelson Mandela was held as a political prisoner for 27 years.

The locals are known for their laid-back nature so you can be sure that this adventure will be led by some of the friendliest faces in the world.

Get Really, Really High At Mount Everest, Nepal Every seasoned adventurer would love to be able to brag about climbing the world’s highest peak, but not many people know that you can also skydive in the Himalayas.

While it’s definitely not a cheap option compared to others, the Everest skydive is unique in that you’ll be doing one of the highest jumps in the world. It’s also regarded as an elite extreme adventure, given that you’ll be drifting amongst the world’s highest mountains.

As well as the considerable height, you’ll be able to brag to your friends that you’ve scaled the world’s greatest peak without the hard work of actually climbing. Just make sure they don’t ask for the name of your Sherpa guide!

Skydive in Style At Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Skydiving may not seem like a logical adventure to undertake in opulent Dubai. Travelers usually trek to the Emirate state to partake in luxury shopping and sun worshipping as well as marveling at the eye-watering tall skyscrapers.

Taking place on the beautiful Palm Jumeirah island, Skydive Dubai offers you views of a relatively young city as well as the expanse of desert surrounding it. The great thing about this skydive is that you can go straight back to the luxurious city after your adventure and celebrate in a fancy hotel bar with a glass of Champagne or a beautifully crafted afternoon tea.

The best thing about most of these dives is that your tandem diving partner, the true expert, will be armed with a camera to capture your adventure. You’ll be left with unforgettable memories and photos so if you decide to bite the bullet and take the literal plunge in one of these gorgeous locations, don’t forget to hit social media, note everything in your BUCKiTDREAM planner and share your photos of your adventure on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!