Meal for two, candlelight and a bottle of bubbly – yawn. Tinder dates expect more imagination nowadays, especially in a city like London, where there are tons of epic things to do. Here are 10 of BUCKiTDREAM’s ridiculously fun date ideas that are sure to keep your beau enthralled – all day or night – long.

Do a Sunset Treasure Hunt of London’s South Bank Watch the sun set while you search for clues along the South Bank of the Thames. This is pure romance mixed with the thrill of adventure. For £25 ($32.49 USD) you can let Hidden City guide you along the highs and lows of the bank with their specially curated Bright Lights Evening Trail, where you’ll discover river views and hidden basement bars.

How does it work? First, you need to sign up on the website, and then you’ll be sent special clues via text to your phone. Once you type in the right answer, they’ll send you the next clue. It’s a really good level of difficulty – not too easy, but tricky enough to make you think.

Address: 2 Stamford Square, London SW15 2BF, UK

Check Out the Epic City Views from the Sky Garden Head up to the top floor of 20 Fenchurch Street (otherwise known as the ‘Walkie-Talkie’). Up here you’ll get stunning views of the city from the wide-stretching balcony. Known as ‘Sky Garden’, there’s a crazy green jungle up here, too. Best of all, it’s totally free to visit! But if you have money, you might want to stick around for a cocktail or meal in one of its swanky bars.

Address: 1 Sky Garden Walk, London EC3M 8AF, UK

Catch the River Breeze in a Ferry to Greenwich Hop on a boat at various points in central London and take in major sights like St Paul’s Cathedral and The Shard on your way to Greenwich. Costing around £7 ($9.07 USD) with an Oyster card, it’s a cheap and cheerful cruise on a sunny day.

Get Your Case Solved at a Faux Detective Bar in Chelsea Visit pretend detective agency Evans & Peel, where you’ll enter the office and get questioned on your ‘case’ to be solved. Once you’ve gone through the details, Mr. Peel will turn to the bookcase and push it open, revealing a hidden speakeasy behind it. If that won’t blow your date’s mind, nothing will.

Address: 310c Earls Ct Rd, Earls Court, London SW5 9BA, UK

Climb Through a Jungle to Watch Jurassic Park at a Hidden Cinema At the crazy Backyard Cinema, there’s a different theme each season, so the whole room gets decorated to look like the film set. Along with Jurassic Park, other themes have included Miami Beach, in which a big screen is set above a room full of sand and beans bags. As you sink into the seats, you can sip on piña coladas and watch summer-themed movies.

Address: 42 Newington Causeway, London SE1 6DR, UK

Take a Bike Tour of Regent’s Canal Rent some city bikes and explore the quaint canals that snake from North London down to East London. Make a day of it and head from Regent’s Park, where you’ll pass zoo animals squawking from their cages in the trees. Continue along through Camden and pick up lunch at the food market, and then head back through King’s Cross and down to Angel. From here, you can do a little bar crawl all the way to Haggerston, where many bankside bars and restaurants line the canal.

Get your Jump on at an Epic Trampoline Park Head way out west to this bouncy paradise known as Oxygen Freejumping, where you can work up a sweat hopping from one trampoline to another while playing basketball or attempting an obstacle course. It might be best to work on those moves in advance so you can show off your flips on the big day.

Address: 15 Vision Industrial Park, Kendal Avenue, London W3 0AF, UK

Dine in the Pitch Black at Dans Le Noir This is a literal blind date because you’ll be dining in pure darkness. Choose your mystery menu (meat, ‘surprise’ or veggie) and you’ll be led into total blackness by a waiter. You’ll then sit and eat your three-course meal without being able to see a thing.

The good: You don’t need to worry about table manners, and you’ll get a chance to grab your date’s hand over the table as you feign your fear of the dark. The bad: If you’re actually scared of the dark, you won’t look very cool.

Address: 30-31 Clerkenwell Green, Clerkenwell, London EC1R 0DU, UK

Throw Some Strikes at a Fun Bowling Bar Pretend you’re Danny and Sandy from Grease and do a 1950s-style date at All Star Lanes. Here you can twist, do the hand-jive and shake, rattle and bowl all night long. Finish off at the bar, where they serve some top-notch cocktails, or if you want a sing-a-long (and you’re drunk enough), go take command of karaoke.

Address: Various locations in London

Crack World War II Codes at a Themed Cocktail Bar Role play time! Get on your military jacket and channel your inner agent at this 1940s-esque bar, The Bletchley. It’s based on the institution where Alan Turing and company cracked special German military codes and cut short World War II by years. You’ll be asked to share your taste, flavor and smell preferences through an old school telephone after fiddling around with a bona fide Enigma machine. Back room mixologists will then send you a bespoke cocktail based purely on your preferences. You’ll be so busy trying to work out all the cryptic clues that you certainly won’t run out of things to say on this date.

Address: Back door, 459 King’s Road, London SW10 0LJ, UK

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