Italy is impossibly beautiful. In fact, it’s so beautiful it’s the only country that is even attractive from space. While other countries look like bland, messy land masses, Italy finds itself in the shape of an elegantly hand-crafted leather boot. There isn’t a single unattractive part of this country from the Mediterranean coastline to the major cities and the glorious ruins of the great empire. You won’t find it difficult to take great Instagram pictures in Italy; instead, your camera roll will be inevitably bloated when you come home, but we’ve got some spots you just can’t miss – the most glorious and attractive photo locations from arguably the world’s most attractive country. #Italy

Positano On the Amalfi Coast Is Where Man-Made Masterpieces Dot a Canvas Of Dreams


Italy is famous for its artistic masterpieces, but finding a painting of Positano that could do half the justice of a perfectly filtered photograph is impossible. Positano is a surreal cliffside village dotted with precariously placed pastel properties which overlook the turquoise blue Amalfi coast. It’s a surreal spot, and a place so beautiful it almost doesn’t seem real.

Best Picture Spot – Either on a boat looking into the village or atop the Il Sentiero degli Dei trail.

Bridge of Sighs, Venice Is the Closest Thing To Love in Photo Form

Venice is a city dripping in Instagrammable locations so it would be easy to make a simple top 10 for just this stunning medieval city. However, avoid the pigeon-packed St. Mark’s Square cliché, it impossible to get a good angle there, and get a picture of the iconic Bridge of Sighs. Don’t forget to highlight that two lovers passing under this bridge and kissing, whilst on a gondola, will be granted, eternal love. #romance

Best Picture Spot – (Sadly) on a very expensive gondola, if you want a really perfect one you can have a friend wait at the bridge further down to catch your iconic kiss.

Capture the Palio In Siena

Tucked deep into Tuscany, Siena is a medieval town that has escaped the modernist touch.  Being there is like having a time machine and almost every little part of the city is picture perfect, but if you can time it, go in summer and go during the Palio. There is simply no experience on earth like it.

Best Picture Spot – In the stands of the central piazza.

The Gravity Establishing Tower in Pisa

It’s a picture you’ve seen a thousand times (maybe more) and it’s one of the most iconic landmarks in the world. This one is less artistic and more touristy but sure, yeah it’s fun to make it look like you’re holding it up, or pushing it over.

Best Picture Spot – Anywhere near Piazza dei Miracoli (square of miracles)

Capture the Tip Of the Boot in Scilla, Calabria

In the toe of Italy’s topography, you’ll find the seaside town of Calabria. It’s full of sun-baked beaches, medieval towns, crystal clear warm ocean water and a hell of a lot of good photo opportunities.

Best Picture Spot – You’ve got a couple great places to go in Calabria but you’re really going to want to capture the castle on the rock. This can be done from either coastline or by hiking up to the top of the city for a dramatic shot.  

The Green Majesty of Lake Como

Home of European and Hollywood elites, Lake Como is easily one of the most beautiful places on earth. Surrounded by 46 km of impossibly beautiful scenery and some of the biggest and most expensive houses on earth, there simply isn’t a bad vantage point here.

Best Picture Spot – Literally anywhere.

Pose With David in Florence

It was tough to decide which of Michelangelo’s many masterpieces we would pick, but given that we’re looking for the best Instagram pics, it seems rude not to capture the world’s biggest (literally) poser in all of his naked glory. It truly is a site to behold.

Best Picture Spot – The left side of the Galleria dell’Accademia for the best angel, or from behind David, for modesty.

Live La Dolce Vita In the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan

Unless you’re incredibly rich, the only thing you’ll be able to afford in the world’s most beautiful and expensive shopping mall will be a free picture. Luckily, the stunning architecture of the building is more attractive than anything you can buy there…

Best Picture Spot – Looking up, capture the elegant glass roof.

Capture the Magnificent Fortress in Abruzzo

Proving that Italy has all kinds of climates and surroundings you can visit the 17th century Rocca Calascio fortress in Abruzzo and capture sweeping views of the snow-covered Apennine Mountains set against a palate of tall amber grass.

Best Picture Spot – Atop the hill looking down on the fortress, preferably during mid-afternoon to sunset.

Oh Come On, You Didn’t Think We’d Forget the Colosseum?

Personally, we think the interior of the Pantheon is a better shot, but you can’t have a trip to Italy and not capture the monumental magnificence of what is left of the Colosseum. How else would your friends know you’re here? Failing that, there are literally 1000 other options to capture great pics in Rome.

Best Picture Spot – Tricky due to the sheer numbers of unavoidable tourists who will interfere, but the exterior is more iconic than the interior and you’ll want to get close enough to crop out the tourist, but not too close that you’ll lose the scale!

The above are only a smattering of the photo opportunities in this magnificent country but if you’re inspired to visit #Italy and create some of your own Instagrammable memories make sure to share them with your fellow BUCKiTDREAMERS across all of your social media channels.