The Big Apple is arguably the world’s most Instagrammable city. But even within this constantly photographed wonder-metropolis, there are some magical spots that are even more Instagrammable than the rest.

This icon of urban settlements has some places that you absolutely need to see when you visit. ‘Must-sees abound in NYC, and here is our list of some of the most important ones in the city.

So have a look at our list of the 10 Most Instagrammable Spots in NYC and add your personal favorites to your BUCKiTDREAM planner!

Union Square Park Has Picturesque Scenery and a Market Full Of Tasty Treats There are a lot of great photo-ops in Union Square Park. It is an oasis of green, leafy calm between midtown and Lower Manhattan. Tall buildings in the surrounding streets stand on tiptoes and peek admiringly over the perimeter trees at the impressive statues and sculptures that call the park “home”. The park has a cool farmer’s market that’s well-stocked with a wide range of organic produce. Fruits, vegetables, meat and pastries abound, and all look highly appetizing and rustic – perfect for impressing your foodie friends on Instagram!

Chinatown is Always a Hive Of Eminently Instagrammable Activity This neighborhood in Lower Manhattan is home to the largest number of Chinese people in the Western Hemisphere, and they’ve taken the colors, sights, smells and sounds of the motherland with them. Manhattan’s Chinatown is full of restaurants, bars, shops, and supermarkets whose bright and original facades will look fantastic on your Instagram homepage.

The Brooklyn Bridge Is the World’s First Steel Suspension Bridge and a True Big Apple Icon This famous bridge has inspired artists, writers, poets, musicians, and lovers since its opening in 1883. It has captured the imaginations of millions upon millions of people who have strolled its length and gasped in awe at the stunning view of lower Manhattan that the old bridge affords.

The Flatiron Building is Famously Photogenic This is a New York City landmark that people have traveled from far and wide to photograph. It was completed in 1902 and was one of the tallest buildings in the city at that time. It has always had a special place in the hearts of New Yorkers and is still thought of as a quintessential symbol of the Big Apple. Its distinctive wedge shape gives it a uniquely thin peak facing north. It is best photographed straight on to catch the thin edge in all its skinny glory!

The Bustling Grand Central Terminal Has Seen It All This elegant and wise old building has hosted billions of teary “goodbyes”, delighted reunions, muggings, murders, flash mobs, movie shoots, and homecomings – if these walls could talk. Both the interior and exterior of this most famous of train stations are thoroughly Instagrammable, so have a languid wander through the rushing hordes of hectic commuters, and look up and marvel at the arched windows, intricate ceiling design and big, beautiful bronze clock. Bumping into a few stressed-out commuters and being called a “jerk!” once or thrice will be well worth it.

Manhattan Bridge is An Innovative and Instagrammable Suspension Bridge When this bridge opened in 1909 it was a wonder of modern architecture. It was the first of its kind and a forerunner for many modern suspension bridges built since. This colossal structure crosses the East River and connects Lower Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn. The Manhattan Bridge is 2,000 meters long and can be photographed from many beautiful angles, framed by skyscrapers from deep inside a surrounding neighborhood, or naked from the East River shoreline.

Stone Street Is the Atmospheric, Cobblestoned Street in the Financial District New York’s ‘Old Town’, this historic street is packed with buzzing bars and restaurants. The twinkling lights overhead and stones underfoot give it a distinct ‘fairytale’ feel. This place is great fun to party in and highly photogenic!

The Oculus is the Futuristic Transportation Hub at World Trade Center Visiting the World Trade Center Transportation Hub is an alternative ending to E.T; instead of waving a teary goodbye at the end of the movie, climb aboard his flying saucer for a tour of his pad! It’s bright, white and extremely space-age. The design of this train station is ultra-modern and highly original, and will give your Instagram page a cool, sci-fi feel!

Play Some Outdoor Chess at Washington Square Park This romantic park in Greenwich Village is famous for culture. Bohemians, artists, musicians, and of course chess hustlers (beware!) see this place as a spiritual home. The Washington Square Arch and the fountain are particularly Instagram-worthy parts of this eccentric and cool green space.

The 100 Gates Project Has Brought Aesthetic Beauty To the Drab Steel Shutters Of the Lower East Side The security shutters of businesses on the Lower East Side have become canvasses for NYC’s street artists, and the resulting murals are often spectacular, beautiful and surreal. This outdoor gallery is absolutely worth taking a wander around, camera at the ready!

That was our list of the 10 Most Instagrammable Spots in NYC. So, whether you are strolling around the farmer’s market in Union Square, soaking in the hectic atmosphere in Chinatown, or taking a tour of E.T.’s spaceship at The Oculus at the World trade Centre, you are guaranteed to get some great pics to share with your friends on Instagram!