Super hot people, inspirational style, and endless Instagrammable cafes — that’s reason alone to visit Copenhagen. But there’s way more to this city than sexy furniture shops. There’s a whole lot of stuff to do in this Scandy city that you won’t find anywhere else. From visiting the hippy commune in the center of the city to spending the night on a cargo ship, BUCKiTDREAM reveals five things you can only do in Copenhagen.

Take a Tour of a Real Working Commune The Freetown Christiana commune in the center of the city is one-in-a-million kind of place. This sprawling town is covered in graffiti and is a world away from the ordered, stylish city it’s nestled within. The buildings (once old army barracks) were taken over by swatters in the 1970s and have remained their home ever since — though the community has remained controversial. The people of Christiana lives by their own rules. Inside, there are schools, houses shops, restaurants, and workshops. The place is entirely self-governing because the police turn a blind eye, which makes things such as cannabis acceptable here. Completely one of a kind, this little community really is something you’ve got to see for yourself. We highly recommend going for a tour of the city. We walked up to the arched entrance of the community around 3 p.m. on a Saturday and got shown around by a bona fide inhabitant. Or, if you’d rather book in advance, you can do that here.

Visit a Legal Marijuana Marketplace Because there’s no police patrolling in Christiana, weed is darn easy to get hold of. The commune has a whole marketplace completely dedicated to selling the stuff. It truly is a place like nowhere else, with guys hollering out from their various stands offering competitive prices. It’s not something you see every day.

Meet Some of the Happiest People in the World Denmark is the world’s happiest country. In 2016, it took the top spot on the United Nation’s “World Happiness Report.” These are some smiley people. There’s such a carefree air about these guys. It’s a world away from the stressed pace of many other capitals. Get talking to anyone in the street, and you’ll notice just how helpful and friendly these people are. None of the eye darting you’ll find in many other big cities. Although the weather can be a bit dreary, these guys have an awesome quality of life, a great work-life balance, and low unemployment. When can we move?

Airbnb a Cargo Ship for the Night The Hawila boat is one of the weirdest places you’ll ever stay. It’s run by a bunch of friends who decided to turn it into an Airbnb it so they could raise funds to turn it back into an eco-sailing ship like it was way back in the 1930s. This means you can rent a cabin, or if you’re on a super-tight budget, you can book a sailor’s bed for the night (which is cheap but far from private, with a tiny curtain between you and the ship’s communal living room). You’ll find the boat parked up in Scanport Kastrup, which is near the airport, so it’s a great option for your first or last night in the city. 

Cycle Around the Whole City Without Car Dodging Copenhagen is one of the rare cities where there are cycle lanes along every road. You can reach almost any point on one, so there is no need to fear for your life when jumping on the bike. There are also specific bicycle car parks along most roads, so there is no hunting around to park your wheels. It’s not a rare sight to see parents pulling their kids around in a big cart attached to their bike — these guys really have it good. Rent a bike for a few days, and forget the subway, which is pricey anyway.

Visit One of the Craziest Art Installations in the World. People travel far and wide to check out Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room at the city’s epic Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. The art piece was created by the quirky Japanese artist, famed for her crazy polka-dotted installations. Copenhagen’s modern art museum bought Kusama’s famous room, which is filled with LED lights and mirrors, so it looks like the dots just go on and on and on and on … Mind = blown. The whole thing has been closed for the past few months as the museum undergoes a refurb, but it’ll be back in action in June 2017. Go get spaced out!

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