Spring Break is well and truly an institution among North American college kids. A few wild weeks of party-mayhem in an exotic location in March is now a rite of passage, and a compulsory activity in many circles. Hell, no presidential candidate could ever be taken seriously without a few lurid stories lurking in the closet of heroic, keg-inspired Spring Break antics that he or she got up to back in their college days!

With hundreds of thousands of students taking up the mantle each year, doing their ‘national service’ and flying the party-animal flag, there is now a whole host of exotic destinations ready, hungry and braced to host their Spring Break shenanigans.

So, which location to choose? Staying in the United States and heading south to Florida or Texas is always a great option, or if you want to go further afield many destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean host truly epic Spring Break parties (and are even further away from the prying, over-protective eyes of your ‘square’ parents!). The choice is yours.

To help you make up your mind, let us give you the lowdown on five of the best Spring Break destinations. Stick your favorites in your BUCKiTDREAM planner, and let fantasies of your Spring Break vacation get you through the long, cold winter of course work, projects, and studying!

Visit Mexico’s Premier Spring Break Party-Town, Cancun

Cancun is one of the world’s most famous Spring Break locations, and with its perfect weather, sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and rockin’ party scene, its reputation is thoroughly deserved.

Cancun has miles of beaches that are lined with hotels and resorts that cater to party-hungry Spring Breakers. All-day pool parties and all-night raves make Cancun, especially during March, a never-ending, 24-hour great time! Cancun gets extra-crazy during Spring Break – kegs are emptied, bikinis are misplaced, and lots of new and beautiful friendships are made, and then forgotten, in double-quick time!

There are also lots of cool day trips that you can take if you fancy a break from all the partying, with ancient Mayan ruins, and beautiful coral reefs very nearby. Cancun has a ton of great clubs – La Boom, Senor Frogs, Dady’O and Coco Bongo – that all have awesome light shows, great sound systems and debauched dancefloors. Cheap booze and (often rather naughty) stage contests keep the party raging all night. Dance, drink, tan, maybe even eat every now and again, and have the authentic Spring Break experience at Cancun!

Party In the ‘Spring Break Capital Of the World’, Panama City Beach, Florida Panama City Beach is the most renowned Spring Break destination in the United States. Known as the ‘Spring Break Capital of the World’, it hosts almost half a million party-crazed students every March. The weather is great and the beaches, although thronged with people, are luxurious, white and sandy. Huge outdoor concerts and contests, an amusement park, myriad restaurants, bars with extended happy hours, and clubs keep the party chugging along all day and night.

During the daytime, the main action happens at the Holiday Inn SunSpree, on the west side of town, which has a beachside stage with activities scheduled all day (this is where MTV records most of its Spring Break coverage). At night, the main party venues are Club La Vela, Hammerhead Fred’s, Sharkys, Calypsos Caribbean Bar & Grill and Hooters. Panama City is cheaper than its neighboring destinations (most hotels have special Spring Break deals, and drinks promos are a constant) and its nightlife is more, shall we say, liberal. Basically it’s raucous, ‘anything goes’ fun, and it won’t break the bank! What more do you need?!

Experience the Mega Spring Break Pool-Parties In Las Vegas Las Vegas is arguably the most famous party-city on earth, and so it’s naturally a super-popular destination for Spring Break revelers come March. Obviously there are no beach parties in landlocked Las Vegas, however it’s Spring Break pool parties and late night clubs are legendary.

Because Vegas is a large city in its own right, it offers more of a variety of things to do than most of the other Spring Break locations. The main strip has all types of bars, clubs, venues and parties. Las Vegas is also good as a budget option because the city has no shortage of reasonably priced hotels. Hooters Hotel, Treasure Island, and the Tropicana are all cheap and cheerful accommodation options on the main strip.

There are major Spring Break bashes at six MGM resorts – MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, Monte Carlo, New York-New York, Luxor and Excalibur – and you can get an exclusive package deal pass that gives you access to all of the Spring Break events across these six epic resorts. The best place to party each night depends on what is going on that particular day of the week. Pool parties by day, crazy Las Vegas clubs by night…what could be more fun?!

Everything’s Bigger in Texas, Including the Spring Break Festivities At South Padre Island South Padre Island (or SPI to its friends) is a small and skinny island off the southeast coast of Texas. Its beach is routinely rated among the ‘Top 10 Beaches’ in the world, and it’s a very popular Spring Break destination, particularly with kids who go to school in the south.

During March, ‘Coca Cola Beach’ is a mega-beach party, attended by tens of thousands of students, with all-day concerts, contests and games. Laguna Madre Bay, to the west of the island, has excellent windsurfing, sailing and water sports. The aforementioned beach is well deserving of its ‘Top 10’ status and is the perfect place to party and tan. There are lots of special Spring Break things going on, with most major events happening in and around the major hotels.

SPI has several great nightclubs. Tequila Frogs is one of the hottest clubs during Spring Break (they regularly host MTV events). All beaches on SPI are publicly owned, so alcohol is allowed and most people bring there own booze to the beach parties, kegs abound! This means partying on SPI can be cheaper than some of the other destinations where the only way to get alcohol is to buy it at bars.

Party Hard In the Warm, Healing Waters of Montego Bay, Jamaica Mo-Bay is a huge Spring Break location in Jamaica. The three main beaches, Doctor’s Cave, Cornwall and Aqua Sol, are all located along Gloucester Avenue along with the main hotels, restaurants, shops and nightspots, so the place is compact and all of the action is easily accessible.

Montego Bay itself is gorgeous, with clear blue waters and miles of spectacular coral reef. The area became a very popular tourist destination over 100 years ago when people began visiting from the colder parts of the USA to treat arthritis and other degenerative diseases with the Bay’s warm waters and sun – a trip to the Bay was said to restore health and vitality.

Today Mo-Bay is very popular as a tourist destination with sunseekers and, during the crazy month of March, Spring Break revelers. Gloucester Avenue, better known as the ‘Hip Strip’, is packed with hotels, restaurants, shops, casinos, bars, and major clubs.

Like in many Spring Break destinations, a ‘Platinum Party Pass’ is available and will allow you to save cash (not to mention queuing time) and get you into all the major events. Doctors Cave Hotel and Margaritaville are the main beach party venues, with theme parties, contests and shows happening all day. Clubs stay open into the very early hours. The only question is, can you handle it?!

So those are our top five destinations for Spring Break partying. All of them are wild, all of them are fun, all of them are debauched, and all of them will give you incredible memories that will last several lifetimes!

While you are strutting your stuff in a bikini contest in front of thousands of people in Panama City, or party-hopping along the Las Vegas strip, why not share your epic Spring Break experiences on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?