We all love a well-manufactured thrill, whether they come via a roller coaster ride at Six Flags, a Hollywood movie effect that gives us a good scream or an amazing story teller that can guide us on a ghost tour. These all offer us a mysteriously exciting way to get into the spirit of the fall season. But for those of you who desire something a bit more serious, we’ve got the perfect potion for you. There’s something unshakably haunting about a place that’s inherently scary. Here are our top 5 recommendations on the best places to visit if you are want to take your fright to the next level as the creatures of the night rise.


Where New York

This is a little village that hold’s a big reputation among people all around the world, Sleepy Hollow gets spirited away each Halloween. Look out if you’re in New York because this October bats will fly and heads will roll in the town made famous by Washington Irving’s ghoulish horseman.

sleepy-hollow-philipsburg_horsemans-hollow_dsc_0167_1_bryan-haeffelle maxresdefault-1NEW ORLEANS

Where Louisiana

Located between St. Louis Cathedral and the Cabildo, the quiet, cobblestoned Pirate’s Alley extracts a sense of wistfulness for days gone by. The stones beneath your shoes are uneven; jagged in some areas & smoothed in others. Cast-iron lampposts bracket either side of the alleyway, including one in the middle which marks the entrance to Cabildo Alley; all are slightly crooked as if time has left its mark and the battle was a struggle. The middle lamppost boasts the red-and-white sign: “Quiet: Church Zone”, although, Pirate lore is known to be a deeply ingrained voodoo culture that has countless tales about its ghosts and spirits. If you are seeking a new thrill can take your pick of ghost tours, cemetery walks, and haunted pub crawls, this one is for you. Add it to your bucket list.

up-the-alley SALEM

Where Massachusetts

Looking for a history story? Well, Salem may be the place for you. Salem, Massachusetts is most often associated with the Salem Witch Trials in 1692, one of the grimmest events in American history, Salem is harmonious with spooky. You may be wondering what that is –– Well, during the reign of hysteria, 19 women were accused of witchcraft and hanged, and another five died in jail. So, there you have it, if you want to learn more about the infamous trials, we suggest that you attend one of their events they host year-round.



Where California

Today, more than 150 well-preserved buildings remain in Bodie, CA. Bodie is officially a California State Park and is maintained in a state of “arrested decay”. A more common meaning of “arrested decay” is the preservation of war ruins as memorials. According to the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, the ghost town of Bodie, is one of the most authentic abandoned gold- mining towns of the Old West. It received its name as a “ghost” town by a TV documentary, that Bodie is inhabited by ghosts who guard the town against pilferers (Beyond 2000). Supposedly, a visitor who dares to remove any artifact can be plagued by the dreaded “curse of Bodie.” Each year, many amateur ghost hunters, professional ghost hunters, paranormal experts, and individuals who are simply curious visit the ghost town of Bodie, California. If you are up for the ride, add it to your bucket list and check it out yourself. Let us know if you consider it a ghost town or not.



Where New Mexico

Elizabethtown, New Mexico was named after the daughter of its founder. Tucked away into the northeastern corner of the state, it had more than 7,000 residents at its height of its Gold Rush prosperity in 1870. But the excitement was restrained by the rule of Charles Kennedy, the man who is known as New Mexico’s first serial killer. People believe he may have killed up to 14 weary travelers after luring them in with the promise of food and accommodations at his inn.  The misery of “E-Town,” as some called it, resumed with the destruction of the mining industry, and, in 1903, a fire. Today, there is very little left, but the citizens of New Mexico say if you listen, you can hear the names of fabled mines whispered on the wind: Bridal Chamber, Confidence, Little Hell, Calamity Jane, Hardscrabble, Mystic Lode, North Homestake, Little Fanny, Spanish Bar. If you are up for this adventure, add it to your bucket list and be the deciding factor on if any spirits are left wondering around E-Town.


If you’re brave enough or you are ready to face your fears and experience a thrill of a lifetime, explore one or all five of these haunted ghost towns. Make sure to add them to your BUCKiTDREAM list. Skim our app to see if you can find some Buckitdreamers who have already been there.