Jamie Oliver is a genuine megastar chef and restaurateur. You could say he is the Coldplay of the culinary world… Highly palatable, easily accessible, loved by millions, and phenomenally successful!

Jamie Oliver came to prominence after being discovered by BBC TV while working as a sous chef in River Cafe in London. Somebody very wise at the BBC saw his talent and correctly predicted that his bubbly, cheeky personality would prove very sellable. He was given his own prime-time cooking show The Naked Chef, in which he very personably prepared simple and effective meals for himself and his friends, family, and neighbors. His uniquely laidback, real, warts-and-all style of communicating was a breath of fresh air and people loved it!

The Naked Chef was a blockbuster success. It was followed quickly by a number one best-selling cookbook of the same name. The success of these initial ventures spawned a bunch more TV shows and books, and ‘Jamie Oliver’ very soon became a household name.

The really great thing about Jamie Oliver – the thing that sets him apart from other celebrities –  is that he has used his fame for so much good. He truly has given back to society in a big way. The high-profile healthy-eating crusades he has embarked on have changed many lives. Through his ‘Feed Me Better’ campaign he single-handedly improved the quality of school dinners in the UK by a huge amount, getting publicity and government backing that insured improved standards – this achievement alone has improved the lives of millions of children.

Jamie also has a restaurant empire that includes many excellent eateries in wonderful locations around the world. You can find Jamie Oliver restaurants all over the globe, serving top-quality food in fascinating surrounds.

Here is our BUCKiTDREAM list of five of the most visit-worthy Jamie Oliver restaurants in the world. Don’t forget to make note of the tastiest sounding establishments in your BUCKiTDREAM planner!

Fifteen, Watergate Bay, Cornwall Fifteen started as a concept restaurant. The idea was to bring unemployed young people into the restaurant as staff and get them trained up as restaurant industry professionals. Since its inception, Fifteen has trained hundreds of apprentices and even produced several Michelin Star chefs. Fifteen is not only doing great work for the people who work there – it’s also providing award-winning food and service to its loyal and enthusiastic patrons. Its chefs have created an exciting menu using only fresh produce from Cornwall and Italy, prepared with a perfect mix of innovation and respect for tradition. The bar at Fifteen is famous for its unusual and flamboyant cocktail menu as well as its long menu of rare craft beers and ciders. The view out over the beach at Watergate Bay is a spectacular accompaniment to the great food and service at Fifteen Cornwall.

Jamie’s Italian, Tsim Sha Tsui, Ocean Centre, Harbor City, Hong Kong Jamie’s Italian was founded in 2008 by Jamie and his friend and mentor, Gennaro Contaldo – an Italian chef par excellence. The food served at Jamie’s Italian is simple, delicious, rustic Italian fare made using tried and trusted family recipes and the freshest ingredients. A very exciting branch of Jamie’s Italian is the Tsim Sha Tsui location in Harbor City, Hong Kong. It has a huge pizza oven and an awesome, relaxed family atmosphere. Its outside terrace is glorious place to relax on a warm Hong Kong evening. Jamie’s Italian Tsim Sha Tsui is a little splash of Italy in the heart of Hong Kong!

Jamie Oliver’s Diner, Piccadilly, London After an epic road trip through the USA learning everything he could about traditional American food (which you can watch on the TV show Jamie’s America), Jamie opened Jamie Oliver’s Diner. The restaurant serves top-notch all-American food. On the menu you’ll find classic Cajun dishes, southern barbecue, classic burgers, and monstrous racks of ribs. The decor screams ‘American diner!’ with comfortable booths, a bar for lone dining, and Americana music on the jukebox. In December 2017 a branch of Jamie Oliver’s Diner will open in Rotterdam, Holland.

Barbecoa Restaurant, St. Paul’s, London The concept of Barbecoa is to serve delicious, hearty, slow-cooked meats, tasty cocktails, whiskeys and wines, and wild and exuberant desserts. And it certainly does what it sets out to do. Barbecoa is not for people who are on a diet! The kitchen at Barbecoa is better kitted-out for cooking meat than any other kitchen in London – it has Argentinian grills, robatas, wood-fired ovens, Texas pit smokers, and a tandoor oven. Barbecoa is a meat-lover’s paradise! It is also a whiskey-lover’s heaven, with the largest collection of world whiskeys in London!

 Jamie’s Italian Perth, 140 William Street, Perth Jamie’s obsession with Italian food and culture really shines through in the respect for tradition, attention to detail, and authenticity you will find in Jamie’s Italian Perth. As laidback, colorful, and sunny as the city it sits in the heart of, Jamie’s Italian Perth is an excellent Italian food option in central Perth, serving tasty, traditional Italian food at very reasonable prices.

That was our BUCKiTDREAM list of five of the most visit-worthy Jamie Oliver restaurants in the world. Whether you are chowing down on a bowl of hearty pasta in Harbor City, Hong Kong, or munching top-quality barbeque in London’s Barbacoa, be sure to share your Jamie Oliver restaurant experiences on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!