If you are looking for a serene sanctum where you can recover from the trials and tribulations of modern day, urban life in Vietnam, the 14th most populous country in the world, may not seem like the ideal place. However, when you dig a little deeper, you’ll uncover a hidden world of exoticism and allure filled with the breathtaking rawness of nature, saturated with a dense and captivating history as the underdog that rises up and persistent lightness and joy that permeates through its culture.

And in light of that, we have found some luxury Vietnamese hideaways that’ll make sure you get the rest and recuperation you’re looking for without having to remortgage your house and your dog for the privilege (this is our long-winded way of saying it’s a bargain) – you’re welcome! So add your favorites to your BUCKiTDREAM list and then get out there and experience it for yourself. Enjoy!

Forget the Condo, Head To Con Dao Archipelago! If you are desperate for a real piece of peace, this unspoiled, luxurious, 16-emerald-island spot free from any pretentiousness will certainly quench your thirst. With beautiful, flourishing gardens as an immediate backdrop and the Con Dao’s luscious green hills filling out half the sky in the distance.

Con Dao is a quick 45-minute flight from Ho Chi Minh City, and as well as offering tranquil and unblemished beaches, over 80% of the islands are National Park territory – and thus untouched by the hand (or foot) of man. From May to October, turtles nest on the beaches so you might be able to experience baby turtles hatching! Check out condo park for fantastic tours through the national park.

Con Son island, the largest of the lot, is a relaxed hideaway with some distinctive colonial buildings and fun treks into the rough and ready hills of the national park. There is also plenty of scuba diving in this area, and bike riding – all organized by the same guys at Dive! Dive! Dive! You can hire a boat from Con Son to one of the smaller, uninhabited islands where the feeling of isolation and the sounds of only nature are incredibly cathartic.

Seek Out the Mountain Tribes and Markets Of North Vietnam The northwest of Vietnam, with huge, mountainous peaks and incredible, tumbling rice terraces that look so similar to stuttering steps of river flow that it seems as though the vibrant greens in motion, running down the side of the mountains, is definitely a place that’ll blow your socks off and take your breath away, so bring reserves of both. It is also home to a vibrant plethora of tribal groups, each distinctly different from the other (each tribe dressed in vividly colored costumes), that have managed to retain their traditional means of life despite the flurry of modernization going on all around them. Here, things seem to slow down and you can breathe easy (alright, we just said it’ll take your breath away, but it’ll give it back with interest – it’s good like that).

Sa Pa, an alpine station town founded by French colonials as a way to avoid the lowlands, exhibits French colonial-era architecture and is encircled by imposing pine trees. It really is quite the view. The town has a bustling market that draws in the adjacent tribal folk from the nearby villages to sell fruits and veg. This is worth it if just for all the colorful costumes that can be seen everywhere you look.

Be warned, this area can get chilly in the evenings, so bring warm clothes.

Go Explore Mai Chau The Mai Chau hill tribes are well known for their hospitality and warmth, and famous for their high-quality handicrafts – in particular for their skills in embroidering clothes, so don’t miss the opportunity to bring home something for someone who’ll appreciate an entirely individual, handmade piece.

This town provides a delightful vista of the valley, which has thriving greens and stilt houses dotted all around it. Check out the Sunday market for possibly the best traditional Thai dishes you’ll ever eat, and become mesmerized by the traditional dances on display.

Here you can also trek, boat, paddle or kayak the beautiful terrains. We recommend using this tour group to make things super simple and provide all the necessary information and guidance. Enjoy the experience of a lifetime gliding across the reservoir, the sky half-full with the bright, tropical forest as well as the Karst mountains. Perfect tranquility.

The Southern Binh Thuan Coast For this adventure, we recommend hiring your own car as public transport is rare. It’s so far off the beaten track that you’ll ox carts and people walking down the road more than you’ll see motorized vehicles! Keep an eye out for dirt tracks as many leads to some stunning, secluded stretches of beach, where there is no visible indication of human life bar the small fishing boats that bob silently up and down on the sea surface.

That brings us to the end of the six best remote luxury hideaways in Vietnam. We’re sure at this point you are itching…and if you don’t have head lice, then it’s almost certainly a feeling of anticipation created by this article! So pack your backpack, grab some friends, and some mosquito repellent (otherwise your itching won’t be metaphorical), and head out there to experience it all for yourself! And be sure to add your top picks to your BUCKiTDREAM! Finally, if you’re a true adventure junkie and you’re seeking some other incredible things to do and see and smell and eat, be sure to check some of our other articles.