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Spain is considered one of the most popular countries in which to own a holiday home. An obvious reason for this is the weather, which is pretty good most of the year round – especially more to the south of the country. But it’s not just the sun that attracts potential holiday-home seekers to Spain. It’s also the fact that you can live next to the beautiful coastline and warm seas and yet still be within spitting distance of a thriving, exciting urban life. Add to this the friendly, down-to-earth locals and that wonderful, romantic-sounding language, and what’s not to like about Spain?!

One of the most popular spots in Spain for both holidaymakers and holiday home owners is Alicante, in the south-east of the country. The temperature rarely falls below 50 degrees in the winter and averages around 80 degrees in August, with plenty of sunshine and very little wind. It’s subject to only the occasional heavy downpour of rain, with October generally being the wettest month. The climate and location of Alicante and its surrounding area allow you to do pretty much anything at any time of the year. It’s on the coast, so you have beautiful sandy beaches and an inviting sea. Alicante is a port city and also home to an international airport. It’s an intoxicating mixture of old and new; narrow streets epitomize the old town of Barrio de la Santa Cruz, and a medieval castle sits atop a hill offering magnificent views of the coastline. The newer part of the town is alive with fabulous shops, bars, restaurants, and a thriving nightlife scene. A coastline tram runs from the city to some of the neighboring picturesque villages and towns. Be sure to visit the stunning seaside town of Altea and take on the challenging climb up to the cathedral. Awesome views await you!

Just 12 miles south of Alicante lies the wonderful town of Santa Pola. This place is a real find as a holiday home location. It’s a coastal town with a bustling center that, like Alicante, combines old with new. It was built around the remains of a Roman village and boasts a 16th-century castle. Every Monday and Saturday morning, the town center hosts a pretty impressive street market. One of the local industries is salt excavation and the huge salt mines are visible from the town and the coastline, as indeed are flamingos and two unique types of duck! Another important local industry is fishing. Fresh fish arrives every day from the fishing boats and it’s quite a spectacle to behold. There’s a permanent fish market alongside the harbor, so you can literally buy it fresh as it comes off the boat. There’s also a wonderful island off the coast – Tabarca – which you can visit by boat from the bustling port of Santa Pola. Of course, restaurants and bars abound in this lovely town and its environs, where it’s possible to sit outside in the evening with a glass of your favorite tipple in hand, watching the sun appear to sink slowly into the ocean.

Moving further south again to Almeria, the weather is even hotter and more reliable. In fact, it’s known as the only place in Europe with a desert-like climate. It’s a popular holiday home location for many reasons. This vast and spectacular city nestles on the beautiful Mediterranean coast, which not only boasts some of the best beaches to be found in Spain but is also an ecologically rich area, making it a popular spot for nature lovers. For all you film buffs out there, another point of interest is that, due to its arid landscape, several spaghetti westerns and indeed parts of David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia were filmed in Almeria. Some of the sets still exist as tourist attractions. The area has an interesting history, including withstanding many sieges and crusades in the early years, enduring earthquakes in the 16th century, and being shelled by the German navy during the Spanish Civil War. Nowadays it has a thriving tourism and agriculture economy and is a sought-after holiday home location.

Further down the coast again, at the bottom of the country, we find the beautiful resort of Marbella.  If you have a little more money to spend, this is the place for you! With a backdrop of the Sierra Blanca Mountains, nearly 17 miles of fabulous sandy beaches, a plethora of golf courses, and the renowned Golden Mile of nightclubs and upmarket houses, leading to the playboy area of Puerto Banus marina, this could be the ultimate holiday home location! You can choose to live in one of the two main centers of Marbella itself or San Pedro Alcantara or pick a more secluded area along the coast or in the mountains. If you enjoy flora and fauna, then rejoice in the wonderful chestnut and cherry trees and be amazed by the golden eagles, falcons, wild goats, and deer. Just to make this awesome place even more idyllic, the highest mountain peaks are even occasionally covered with a sprinkling of snow!

And finally, inland now to the wonderful city of Seville. With its subtropical Mediterranean climate, Seville enjoys hot and dry summers but can experience wetter winters than some other areas of Spain. Don’t let that you put you off, though, because it is the most wonderful of places. Its captivating history is represented by palaces, baroque churches, a massive Gothic cathedral, and narrow medieval lanes. These days it’s synonymous with flamenco dancing and is famous for the Metropol Parasol (or Las Setas as it is known, meaning The Mushrooms, due to its appearance) – thought to be the largest timber-frame structure in the world. Seville is home to many diverse museums, beautiful parks and gardens, and festivals. It also surprisingly boasts a thriving rock music scene, and of course, tapas is one of the main cultural attractions of the city. Seville is truly a place that will treat your every sense.


This is just a taste of what Spain has to offer for holiday home seekers. You might also enjoy this guide to a road trip around Spain. Hasta la Vista, baby!