Our world is full of bizarre occurrences, most of which we’ll never know anything about. For better or worse, science isn’t an exact science; there are forces at work out there that have more sway than we might care to believe. As humans, we love a good mystery, and we also love bizarre happenings; which might explain why the first season of Netflix’s sci-fi horror Stranger Things was so intensely popular. Filled with government conspiracies, psychic children, and a terrifying parallel dimension, the show had it all; with a dollop of pure 80s nostalgia thrown in for good measure.

As Stranger Things fans across the world gear up for the release of season 2 this Halloween (fitting), we thought it’d be a perfect time to explore some good old unexplained phenomenon, ranging from the creepy to the downright bone-chilling.

As a BUCKiTDREAMER you might not want to put any of these types of experiences at the top of your bucket list; but if you’ve got a nose for mystery, you’ll love sifting through these bizarre occurrences that defy reasonable explanation. They might be morbid, but they are certainly fascinating.

The Case of the Falling Birds Locals in Beebe, Arkansas witnessed a strange phenomenon on New Year’s Day 2012 when a horde of dead blackbirds spontaneously fell from the sky, raining down on the streets and people below. Although thirty of the hundred-odd birds were taken off for testing, the only logical (and somewhat flimsy) explanation that Arkansas officials could muster up is that fireworks from the New Year’s Eve display spooked the birds to simultaneous death. That doesn’t explain how blackbirds everywhere else in the world manage to not die en masse when they hear fireworks.

The strangest aspect of this mystery is that it’s not the first time it’s happened to Beebe; a similar rain of dead birds occurred at the same time of year in 2011. They blamed the fireworks then, too.

The Case of Room 428 The state of Ohio has a reputation for being a hotbed of paranormal activity, and most of it apparently culminates in Ohio University (specifically Room 428), which has become so rife with ghoulish antics that it’s been closed off to students full-time, remaining boarded up and off-limits. There are all sorts of urban legends as to what caused this haunting, including occult-dabbling freshmen and suicidal former occupants. The door of the room is said to resemble the twisted visage of a demon, even though the entire thing was replaced after the initial poltergeist reports.

The Case of the Mapimi Silent Zone The name is certainly fitting; apparently, not a trace of radio, television, microwave or even satellite signal can pierce through the unknown force field of the Zone of Silence in Mexico’s Chihuahuas desert. The area is rumored to be the crash site of a botched missile launch by the US government that contaminated the topsoil with radioactive elements. With that followed reports and murmurings of UFO activity, and the place has been cursed ever since.

Scientists claim that the area has seen more than its fair share of meteor strikes, which might contribute to heightened magnetic properties; but whatever the case, there’s certainly something strange going down in the Mapimi Silent Zone.

The Case of Taman Shud More of a classic mystery than a bona fide phenomenon, this bizarre happening comprises one of the most baffling conundrums on the planet. In December 1948, the body of an unidentified man was washed ashore on Somerton Beach in Adelaide, Australia. He was fully clothed, had no identification on him, and featured no signs of meeting a violent end. All police could find in his pockets were an unused train ticket, a bus ticket, a comb, cigarettes, and most tantalizing of all, a scrap of paper with the words ‘Taman Shud’ written on it, which is Persian for ‘ended’ or ‘finished’.

To this day, the mystery hasn’t been unraveled; despite claims that he was poisoned, an autopsy revealed no foreign substances in his system.

The Case of the Math Genius Though being punched in the head is apparently meant to make you lose brain cells, the opposite proved true for Mr. Jason Padgett, who was savagely attacked outside a karaoke bar in 2002. When the inevitable concussion cleared, Padgett, a college dropout who previously had a kitten-like attention span when it came to mathematics, found he had conjured the ability to visualize complex geometric shapes in the world around him, from rainbows to taps. This talent manifested itself physically in astoundingly complex mathematical drawings and charts. Padgett promptly returned to college and is now an aspiring and gifted number theorist.

So, whether you’re a skeptic or a full believer, you can put forward your own take on the above mysteries by touring the sites in question (if you dare); or maybe research your own bucket list mystery trip to get you started on your paranormal adventures. You might even have your own inexplicable encounter with forces unknown and have a bizarre tale to regale your fellow BUCKiTDREAMERS with. Who knows? Stranger things have happened.