Dublin has a long literary tradition, stretching all the way back to James Joyce and his legendary volume, Ulysses, which contains a 50-page coda featuring no punctuation at all. If you submitted that during your English test at school, you would have failed; Joyce was subsequently hailed as a genius. The world’s not fair. Either way, Dublin has a long and varied tradition of the written word, a tradition which still continues in some of its finest cafés and coffee shops.

Writing in cafés is a well-worn cliché – the scruffy person with a tortured look on his face, hunched over a laptop in the corner – is a familiar sight to many patrons. Yet, inspiration is all around, and writing is a lonely pursuit. A nice café can often provide a pleasant atmosphere to help focus the mind. Log on to BUCKiTDREAM to see if any other writers have some writing recommendations, then keep that BUCKiTDREAM planner handy, because if you find yourself looking for a friendly office for the day in Dublin, here’s five of the best.

The Library Bar in Central Hotel Not many tourists knows about the Central Hotel’s Library Bar, which makes it the perfect spot to scribe away in relative peace. The cozy little corner of the city maintains the hushed, old-world atmosphere of its namesake, and can usually be found dotted with writers and readers, sipping on teas, coffees, and Guinness (though rarely all at once).

Located on the first floor of the Central Hotel, with splendid views of one of Dublin’s main thoroughfares, George’s Street, the Library Bar is one of the most writer-friendly hideaways in town. An added bonus: the unhurried staff is more than happy to let you pass the time here.

Address: 1-5 Exchequer St, Dublin 2, D02 E044, Ireland

Kaph Spread out over two floors, the relatively new Kaph offers achingly hip coffees (coconut milk lattes anyone?) alongside a comfy, spacious environment to scribble down a few words. Bright and beautifully designed, it also features great music that’s just the right volume to assist with a day’s work.

The coffee is relatively cheap too – for the quality, you’re getting. It’s no more expensive than Starbucks and is guaranteed to be tastier (and probably better) for you. There’s a whole variety of sweet treats down by the counter as well, so if you get hungry during your writing session, or simply want some edible procrastination, Kaph’s got you covered.

Address: 31 Drury St, Dublin 2, Ireland

Accents Coffee Lounge Yes, it’s a coffee lounge in name, but Accents is renowned for their delectable hot chocolate, which has been named the best in Dublin on more than a few occasions. Featuring a spread of comfy, inviting sofas in their basement lounge, Accents feels like someone’s spacious living room rather than a coffee shop. It’s this quality that makes it perfect for settling in for some writing.

Another great little feature geared towards writers is that Accents is open until 11 pm every night (10 pm on Sunday), which is far later than 95% of the coffee shops in town. Located just off George’s Street, it’s also wonderfully central – but simultaneously feels like a hidden gem every time you step inside.

Address: 2 Stephen Street Lower, Dublin, Ireland

37 Dawson Street If you like to people watch while you write, then bagging one of the window seats at 37 Dawson Street is definitely the spot for you. Gazing onto one of Dublin’s busiest and prettiest thoroughfares, you can happily watch the world go by from 37, and hopefully get a good bit of work done while you’re at it.

This breezy, spacious location is perfect for a day’s work, but it’s also a bar and eatery, so it can get a little crowded when night falls. If you’re in the zone and 37’s surroundings are getting a little distracting, you should escape to Accents to continue that hot streak.

Address: 37 Dawson St, Dublin 2, Ireland

Third Space Located in the burgeoning Smithfield area of Dublin, Third Space is one of those places that just looks like it was established to support laptop-bearing millennials. It’s sparsely-decorated, coffee-saturated hipster goodness, and the staff are more than happy to accommodate frustrated writers for a day of productivity/further frustration.

It’s also a great place for breakfast, brunch, and lunch, so conceivably, you could spend the whole day there without needing to leave. There’s also power sockets, which are strangely lacking in other establishments. It’s almost as if some coffee shops don’t want struggling writers hanging around, milking that single American dollar for five plus hours…

Address: Unit 14 Block C, Smithfield Markets, Smithfield, Dublin 7, D07 P440, Ireland

Dublin is a vibrant city with a lot of local colors and hidden gems. The above list of amazing little coffee retreats is merely one side of the Irish capital. Why not discover more about Dublin’s fair city with these awesome BUCKiTDREAM articles, The Best Five Music Venues in Dublin and Scare City: 5 Most Haunted Spots in Dublin, then get busy planning that bucket list trip to Ireland’s emerald shores!