Arizona, with its miles of rugged desert, clear blue skies, and wealth of iconic pro sports teams, is a Mecca for sports fans. But even if you are not particularly into sports, plenty of the sports-related experiences the Copper State has to offer are so unique and interesting that you will find them amazingly fun regardless!

The glorious weather, stunning scenery and thrilling adrenaline rush that taking part in an outdoor adventure-sport deep in the desert offers will appeal to even the most ardent anti-sports nut; as will the tribal atmosphere, communal bonding, bright colors, music, cheerleaders, hot dogs and brewskies that are part and parcel of a visit to one of the state’s mega pro-sports arenas.

Only a real Scrooge would fail to crack a smile firing AK47s in the Sonoran Desert mountains, or leaping up for a Mexican wave at an all-action Arizona Cardinals NFL game!

So here we go – this is our BUCKiTDREAM list of six Arizona sporting experiences that even a non-sports fan will enjoy. Don’t forget to put the activities and events that appeal to you the most in your BUCKiTDREAM planner!

Cheer on the Arizona Cardinals in the Truly Spectacular University of Phoenix Stadium The unself-conscious and bombastic atmosphere at a Cardinals NFL game has to be experienced to be believed! The marching bands with their horns, pounding bass drums and syncopated snare rhythms, the fighter jet flyovers, the leaping cheerleaders, the epic crowd chants; not to mention the frosty beers and giant, gelatinous hot dogs – make a trip to the University of Phoenix Stadium on match day a quintessential all-American experience that even a complete non-sports fan will remember forever – even if they barely understand what’s happening on the pitch!

Address: 1 Cardinals Dr, Glendale, AZ 85305

Race High-Performance Supercars at the Arizona Motorsports Park You may think that driving is not a sport, but try telling that to Lewis Hamilton. Driving a high-performance sports car at high speeds around a smooth race track with tight bends and extreme g-force promoting super-fast straights is pretty darn athletically demanding! But it’s also (arguably) the most fun you can have with your clothes on (at least until you start firing AK47s in the desert).

High levels of concentration and focus are required if you want to set a respectable time blasting around the pristine track at the Arizona Motorsports Park in a Ferrari 360 Modena. The friendly instructors at Racing Adventures will teach you all you need to know. And no prior experience is required. Whether or not you typically enjoy sports – if you are a human from Planet Earth, then you’ll LOVE this!

Address: 15402 W Camelback Rd, Litchfield Park, AZ 85340

Learn to Fire an AK47 on a Shooting Adventure Deep in the Heart of the Arizona Desert

There is nothing quite as viscerally thrilling as feeling the cold steel of an AK47 in your hands and firing a few rounds in the general direction of a bull’s eye target 100 feet away (and wildly missing presumably, at least on your first few attempts). The guys at Arizona Outdoor Fun will give you this rare experience in the safest possible way in the heart of the Sonoran Desert. These guys are highly trained experts (many are ex-military) and they will show you how to handle some lethal firearms – 9mm, AR15 and AK47 – carefully, safely, effectively… and very enjoyably (even for non-sports fans)!

Address: 35972 S Old Black Canyon Highway, Black Canyon City, AZ 85324

Face Your Fears with a Skydive ‘Do a skydive’ is classic bucket list fodder – and for good reason. Leaping from a plane at 18,000 feet and hurtling towards the ground surrounded by miles and miles of empty, open air is an experience that a lot of people (even non-sports fans) believe to be genuinely transformative, and indeed life-changing. If you are a beginner, Skydive Phoenix Inc is a great company to choose. Their instructors are friendly and knowledgeable, and a tandem jump with one of these expert veterans is the perfect way to lose your skydiving virginity – how romantic.

Address: 56580 W Dasher Dr, Maricopa, AZ 85139

Breathe in the Fresh Air on a Guided Hiking Tour Through the Mountainous Sonoran Desert After all the intensity of a football battle, sports car race, AK47 shootout and your first skydive, it may well be time to take a nice, relaxing stroll in nature. The Sonoran Desert is the perfect place to do this. A guided hike is a great option. The friendly guides of Arizona Outback Adventures know this remote area like the back of their hands, and they will ensure you see the most spectacular views, the highest mountains, the deepest canyons and the tallest cacti this magical desert has to offer. 

Or…. You Could Rally Through the Same Sonoran Desert at Sunset in a 4×4 Off-Road Tomcar If you feel like yet another flush of adrenaline through your tired (or energized) body, then an ideal way to explore the desert (especially at sunset, when the colors are remarkably vivid) is in an off-road Tomcar from Desert Wolf Tours. These babies have some serious power – they make short work of the dirt tracks and mountainous desert terrain, and take you to places that are difficult to reach on a hike.

So, there you go – six awesome sports experiences that anybody (even a non-sports fan) will definitely enjoy. And when you are celebrating a touchdown with 100,000 other souls in the University of Phoenix Stadium, or blasting AK47 rounds into the air with wild abandon deep in the desert, don’t forget to share your Arizona sporting experiences on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and use the hashtag #BUCKiTDREAM!