For such an incredible and rare phenomenon, there are actually many ways you could potentially see the Northern Lights – so you may not have to travel that far from home! Before booking, you should always bear in mind that no matter where you go, there’s always a chance you won’t catch the elusive light show so manage your expectations to avoid disappointment. If you combine your trip with these incredible activities, though, you won’t be sad for too long! Why not add a few to your BUCKiTDREAM planner now for a bit of inspiration?

Sleep in a Glass Igloo in Finland If the idea of sleeping under nature’s greatest light shows appeals to you, why not check out Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort and their incredible glass igloos? Here you can snuggle up with your partner with unrivaled views of the sky. You’ll be provided with warm blankets and thermal outfits and have the whole night to soak up the Aurora Borealis above you. During the day, you can even take a reindeer safari to explore the Lapland winter wonderland.

Explore the Yukon Just because you’re staying in North America doesn’t mean you can’t see the Northern Lights. The town of Whitehorse is the capital of the Yukon and the best place on the continent to catch a glimpse of the light show. There are plenty of cute, alpine-style chalets to stay in and lots of package tours you can take at night while during the day you can try your hand at ice-fishing or, if you prefer the leisurely life, try out one of the spas filled with hot tubs to relax in and soak your cares away.

Cruise Through the Norwegian Fjords It doesn’t all have to be trekking and chair lifts; Fjord Travel Norway offers a number of Northern Lights packages where you can sit back and gaze at the sky from a comfortable deck chair. Of course, you don’t need to relax all the time. Combine your trip with a Viking feast, a train ride through the countryside or a snowmobile safari. Try and choose a package where you can also visit Tromso, one of the most famous viewing spots for the lights. Even if they don’t appear, you won’t be bored, the city is famous for its vibrant nightlife and incredible seafood.

Fly From the UK If time isn’t on your side, you could always grab a flight from one the UK’s major airports.  Guests can avail of a pre-flight talk before taking off with tips and tricks, lots of background information on the Aurora Borealis and will get a souvenir guidebook to take home (if your pictures aren’t enough of course!) The flights last four hours and so far, have a 98% success rate of seeing the lights, having carefully planned their timings and routes to coincide with the solar cycles. The crew is on hand to give you expert advice on the best way to view them through your window as well.

Take a Husky Safari Animal lovers will go wild for this ethical husky safari with Responsible Trave,l where you can live the life of a professional dog musher by day and chase the Northern Lights by night. You’ll spend five days exploring the fascinating Finnmark Plateau and gain a new appreciation for the strict training regime undertaken by both the dogs and their trainer. After a full day in the sleds taking care of the animals and learning the techniques to guide the sled, you’ll be able to relax with a hot chocolate while looking up at the sky for a glimpse of the lights and for one night you’ll even camp out in the wilderness.

Sweden’s Aurora Sky Station The Aurora Sky Station in the middle of Abisko has been named several times as the best place on earth to catch the Northern Lights. At 900 meters above sea level on Mount Nuolja, visitors have a chance to experience the phenomenon without the usual distractions of lights or noises. There are loads of accommodation options at the nearby Mountain Station, only ten minutes away from the chair lift that will bring you up the mountain. Book ahead to ensure you get your preferred time for the night visit, or why not combine it with a four-course Nordic meal while gazing out at the stars?

Now that you know how you’re going to see the beauty of Aurora Borealis, you may need to think about how you’re going to keep the memories. Capturing the jaw-dropping spectacle of the Northern Lights on camera can be difficult so if you want to get amazing pictures of your experience, it might be worthwhile investing in a good camera and doing your research on the best lens and format for astrophotography. Once you do, show your snaps to the world on Facebook or Instagram and get others inspired to make their trip of a lifetime too!