From a 500-year-old museum in the Vatican City, to a 600,000-strong collection of works that have survived the Chinese Civil War, here is BUCKiTDREAM’s ultimate galleries every art buff must visit. Plus, there are a few famous paintings you just have to see, including the Mona Lisa and Andy Warhol’s Self-Portrait in Drag.

Plough Through the Extensive Modern Art Collection at MoMA (New York, USA) The museum boasts the largest collection of modern art in the world, from architecture and photography to sculpture and prints. Based on 53rd Street in Midtown Manhattan, MoMA first opened in 1929 and shot to international fame after its legendary exhibit, Pablo Picasso: A Retrospective.

At the museum, you’ll find a mega 150,000 pieces of art and around 4 million film stills. So, make sure you set aside a day or two to get through it all. Famous works include: The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh, Drowning Girl by Roy Lichtenstein and the famously trippy The Persistence, by Salvador Dalí.

Address: 11 W 53rd St, New York, NY 10019


Peruse 500-Year-Old Venues in the Vatican Museums (Rome, Italy) Founded in the 16th century and located inside the holy city, these museums host extensive art collections built up by various popes over the centuries. Here you’ll find some of the most renowned Renaissance art in the world. Make sure you check out The Apollo Belvedere marble sculpture of Greek God Apollo – possibly one of the best-known sculptures ever.

Address: Throughout Vatican City

Take a Selfie with Mona at the Louvre (Paris, France) Known as the world’s most famous museum, you’ll already have it on your hit list, but it would be rude to leave the legendary Louvre out of this roundup. Located on the Right Bank of the Seine, you’ll be familiar with the famous Louvre Pyramid in the main courtyard, in stark comparison to the traditional museum that surrounds it. It was constructed not just to look a bit edgy (get it?), but also to manage the swarms of people entering through the Louvre’s main entrance, and to offer a descent into the spacious lobby below. A must-see is the Mona Lisa. If you can catch a glimpse through the swarms of tourists and selfie sticks, it’s like being at a rowdy pop concert.

Address: Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, France

Gander at Van Gogh at National Gallery (London, UK) Here you can browse over 2,300 works of art, all of which follow the evolution of Western European paintings, from mid-13th – 20th century. After the Louvre, British Museum and MoMA, it’s the most visited museum in the world. A huge plus is that the main collection is free to visit. Here you’ll find one of the legendary Vincent van Gogh Sunflower paintings from 1888.

Address: Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DN, UK

Browse Ancient Chinese Art from China’s Emperors at National Palace Museum (Taipei, Taiwan) If you want to see the world’s biggest collection of ancient Chinese artifacts, where do you head? Directly to China, right? Nope. This humongous 600,000-strong collection of Chinese artifacts and artworks actually lives across the strait in Taiwan.

You see, the precious collection evacuated its original home in Beijing and dodged the ravages of China’s Civil War for almost 20 years. Then in 1949, the thousands of precious pieces were transported across the stormy sea by Nationalist leader, Chiang Kai-shek. Thankfully, it all miraculously arrived undamaged. After being kept in storage for years, the pieces finally saw the light of day in the 1960s, when the National Palace Museum opened its doors in Taipei. Here you’ll find over 160 works of art, from paintings and calligraphy to decorative arts.

Address: No. 221, Section 2, Zhishan Road, Shilin District, Taipei City, Taiwan 111

Catch Amazing Spanish Works at the Museo Nacional Del Prado (Madrid, Spain) Art geeks, make a beeline for Madrid, as the capital is home to one of the world’s most famous art museums (and one of the most visited places on the planet, too). Museo del Prado hosts one of the world’s best European art collections, spanning from the 12th – 20th century. Epic artworks you can see here include The Garden of Earthly Delights by Renaissance legend, Hieronymus Bosch.

Address: Paseo del Prado, s/n, 28014 Madrid, Spain

Check Out Awesome Views of Paris From the Quirky Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris, France) This crazy art museum, located in the Beaubourg area of the 4th arrondissement in Paris, is a ‘must’ on the list for both art fanatics and architecture geeks. This place not only hosts some of the world’s best art, but it is also all housed in a truly amazing building.  At first glance, the museum looks a bit like a water park, with its exposed flume-like staircases snaking around the metal structure. Architectural pair Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers won accolades for this wacky ‘inside-out’ approach, with all the elevators, pipes and escalators on the outside.

Once you’re done taking snaps outside, head inside for one of Europe’s largest modern art collections. You’ll find all the big hitters in here, including Pollock, Dalí, Kandinsky, Mondrian and Braque, to name just a few. Famous works include THAT Fountain by Marcel Duchamp and Andy Warhol’s Self Portrait in Drag.

Address: Place Georges-Pompidou, 75004 Paris, France

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