For some people, New Year’s Eve is the most exciting time of year. The possibilities of a new year, with new opportunities and maybe a fresh start, are really exciting. If you’re feeling as if your typical New Year’s Eve plans might be a bit on the boring side, why not try something totally different? You can jet off for some of the best New Year’s experiences of your life by ticking off a few of these items on your NYE bucket list!  Just don’t forget to tweet, Facebook and Instagram your adventures using the hashtag #BUCKiTDREAM.

New York City This is the world’s capital for New Year’s Eve. Every year, the city lights up with numerous celebrations, the most famous of which is in Times Square. Be warned – you will need to wait in line with thousands of others to see Ryan Seacrest and a variety of celebrity guests count down the dropping of the famous New Year’s Eve ball, but it’s definitely worth it.

If the madness of Times Square isn’t really your scene, why not visit Central Park or New York Harbor to see some stunning fireworks? Another option is the famous (and free) New Year’s Eve Concert for Peace at St John the Divine. Either way, make sure you wrap up your evening with a New York City hot dog from a street vendor, washed down with a festive glass of champagne, obviously!

Las Vegas If you like your New Year’s Eve with a dash of hedonism, Las Vegas, the city of Sin, is the place for you. You’ll have your pick of the world’s best nightclubs to ring in the new year, as well as some epic shows, casinos, and hotels. For New Year’s Eve, the entire strip is shut down to traffic, so the city becomes a pedestrian’s paradise, with massive events, special guest shows and mega nightclub showcases taking place.

If you prefer letting your hair down at a club, Hakkasan is world-famous and has boasted resident DJs such as Calvin Harris and Tiësto. If the madness of the strip seems a little too crazy for you, escape the city and watch the midnight fireworks from the outskirts. The views are unbelievable. 

Reykjavík If you really want to have a different New Year’s Eve experience, you can’t get much more fun than Reykjavík. As the city is so far away from the equator, they experience close to 24-hour darkness in winter. This makes for a highly atmospheric New Year’s Eve experience!

The traditional approach is to go for dinner, and Reykjavík has plenty of fantastic restaurants. After dinner, head to a local bonfire or brenna, as they’re locally called. Then, as midnight approaches, everyone in Reykjavík takes to the streets to watch a stunning firework display that kicks off at midnight. A lot of people will then go home, but if you’re feeling the need for further celebrations, Reykjavík’s eclectic nightlife will continue partying well into the morning hours.

London London’s well-earned reputation as one of the most exciting cities in the world is really highlighted at New Year’s Eve. Their world-famous fireworks display along the Thames in central London can be viewed from the riverside or bridges, or even from a cruise along the river.

The great thing about London is that there are options for every budget. Most nightclubs, both high-end and low-end, host special New Year’s Eve events that have countdowns, and they don’t close until very late into the evening or next morning! London is also famed for its food, so try a Michelin-starred restaurant if you’re feeling flashy, or pop along to Borough Market for some farm-fresh street food if you’re counting pennies.

Dublin The Irish are known for being the most fun people on the planet so you won’t be surprised to see that their New Year’s Eve celebrations are really epic. The City Council shuts down the city center to accommodate a giant, outdoor concert that often features some of the biggest names in Irish music. Buying tickets in advance is essential, as is buying a rain jacket! Dublin also boasts excellent pubs and clubs where you can party the night away after the countdown. 

Sydney Do you want to celebrate the New Year before anyone else on the planet? Head east and watch the fireworks light up the Sydney Opera House well before most of the planet! The fireworks display includes performances, and there are numerous vantage points around the bay. As well as the fireworks, there are musical performances, cultural experiences and a variety of other performances to ring in the new year before the rest of the world!

Edinburgh The Edinburgh citizens celebrate the Scottish festival of Hogmanay at New Years with a spectacular three-day festival. You can explore the beautiful Old City of Edinburgh while seeing Viking Historical reenactments. If your taste is more refined, you can experience haunting choral concerts or classical music events. Round off the festival by trying some haggis and marveling at the gorgeous fireworks display in the center of the city. Their tradition is that everyone in the crowd holds hands and sings ‘Auld Lang Syne’ at midnight, so you’ll make friends for life at an unforgettable event!

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