England is full of beautiful, wonderful and stunning places, but for some reason, the only places people who visit from outside the UK seem to think worth visiting are London and Stonehenge! That’s why we’re making the case for why you should visit the historic English country known as Yorkshire. People in Yorkshire call it God’s Own Country, and once you visit you’ll know why.

Reach Out to the Locals They make them a special breed up north. You probably won’t fully understand what they’re saying most of the time, but this isn’t really a worry. The people of Yorkshire are the unassuming type who will thank you when you purchase something by calling you “love” and it’s perfectly normal to be called “pet” or “darling”, regardless of your gender or the gender of the person saying it to you. The locals are notoriously friendly and fiercely proud to be from Yorkshire. There is a certain disconnect between the people from the North and South of England, perhaps best summed up by this line from George Orwell: “The Northerner has ‘grit’, he is grim, ‘dour’, plucky, warm-hearted and democratic; the Southerner is snobbish, effeminate and lazy…” However, to truly experience England and its variety of people, cultures, and attitudes, you must venture away from the metropolitan capital and your false notions of a country full of Downton Abbeys and get to know the wonderfully friendly and social people of Yorkshire.

Visit the Happiest Place in the UK For three years in a row, the little spa town of Harrogate was voted the happiest place to live in the UK. Built up by Queen Victoria who thought it was pastiche to take her baths in Bath, Harrogate is now famed for its Turkish baths. It also has an international conference center, fancy hotels, and famous restaurants, including Bettys, where you’ll find the odd royal who when making an appearance outside the capital is sure to visit. It’s one of the most famous places to get tea in the world. A trip to Harrogate is almost like going back in time. It’s a place where crime is astoundingly low, buildings are aggressively old and everyone is excessively pleasant. Plus, they have world-class shopping and restaurants to boot.

Forget Paris, Thailand, and Rome In 2013, Lonely Planet voted Yorkshire the third best place to visit on earth. Yes, it may have been a few years ago, but we’re talking about the entirety of earth. The charms of Paris, the beaches of Thailand, the history of Rome — they all have nothing on Yorkshire. From forests and rolling English hills to a stunning and jutting seaside, Yorkshire has it all. Again, that is the third best place to visit on earth. Hard to beat that!

Don’t Miss the North York Moors Covered in heather and lavender and draped across almost 1,500 miles of natural splendor, the Yorkshire moors are truly a sight to behold. There are hundreds of trails across the moors that are full of little hamlets and historic abbeys. Whether you ride, cycle or walk every inch, the national park is full of natural beauty. Don’t forget to sneak into a few of the charming pubs along the way.  

Get Lost in the Yorkshire Dales If you want to take in stunning natural beauty while appreciating a little history along the way, then you can’t miss the Yorkshire Dales. This area is just as famous for its cheese as it is for its castles. Visit the Wensleydale Creamery for a taste of the world-class Yorkshire cheese, or visit the stunning Jervaulx Valley or the Middleham and Bolton castles. All are uniquely wonderful and charming. The natural beauty of the dales is second to none. Don’t miss the giant Hardraw Force, which is the largest single drop waterfall in England.

Order Fish ’n’ Chips Along the Yorkshire Coast Set among dramatic landscapes full of rugged charm, the Yorkshire coastline is a truly beautiful and unique gem. This isn’t the kind of coastline where you’ll be sunbathing on a white-sand beach and sipping on an umbrella-topped cocktail. This is the kind of coastline where you’ll find fishermen and the best fish ’n’ chips in the world. From Instagram-friendly coastal towns such as Staithes, Filey, and Whitby to the dramatic views of Robin Hood’s Bay and Flamborough, the Yorkshire coastline has a quaint charm set against some of the most awe-inspiring views on earth. There’s something for everyone on the Yorkshire coastline — except maybe for those of you who want to swim, as the water is extraordinarily cold year-round! 

Experience Yorkshire Cities Yorkshire is full of charming cities and towns, but the two marquee locations are Leeds and York. Leeds offers shopping that rivals London and a vibrantly rambunctious nightlife you can only experience in the North. York, surrounded by a medieval wall, offers stunning cathedrals and rich Viking history. It’s the kind of city that’s so beautiful you’d think it belongs in a snow globe.

We hope that you’ve been inspired by our reasons to visit Yorkshire. Share your dreams, visits, and pictures with your fellow BUCKiTDREAMERs across your social media platform, and keep dreaming!