Sometimes it feels impossible to really get away and have an unforgettable experience. Travel can often be very expensive, and it’s hard to know where to get the best bang for your buck. However, there are hidden gems out there and, as the BUCKiTDREAM list below proves, sometimes you need to go a little off of the beaten track to have a truly unforgettable, yet affordable experience. 

Liverpool Liverpool is never really mentioned as a must-see city to visit, but the truth is that it’s an epicenter of culture, vibrant nightlife, and food. While most tourists to the UK will visit London, Liverpool offers so much to visitors, and it is far cheaper than its southern counterpart.

As the birthplace of The Beatles, Liverpool boasts a wonderful museum of John Lennon’s childhood home, as well as various walking tours and venues dedicated to the Famous Four. If the Beatles aren’t quite to your taste, visit St Luke’s Church, locally called ‘The Bombed Out Church’, which was destroyed during the Second World War but now serves as a landmark.

Croatian Islands When you think of a sunny vacation, Croatia probably doesn’t automatically come to mind, but the islands off of the coast of the Eastern European country have some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. The best thing about these islands is that they’re all quite different, so you can have a variety of experiences in one trip. Visit Vis for its famous white wine, or the stunning medieval architecture of Rab. It’s also worth visiting Krk, the largest island, and Brač, which is less popular than the other islands but offers a much more authentic experience. 

Galway Visiting the Emerald Isle this summer but put off by the crazy prices in Dublin? Visit Ireland’s west coast and the gorgeous city of Galway instead! Galway is known as Ireland’s artistic center, so you’re just as likely to see a clown on a unicycle as a car driving down the road. Galway is on Ireland’s Atlantic coast, so it has stunning beach walks and sea views, as well as some of the best culinary experiences for all budgets in all of Ireland. A visit to Róisín Dubh, a rock and indie venue, and nightclub, is also an essential for any visit to Galway. 

Albufeira Looking for a sunny trip, but sick of the same, everyday spots? Albufeira in Portugal could be perfect for you! Albufeira is a beautiful city in southern Portugal near Faro airport. It offers everything you would want from a sunny vacation: stunning beaches, delicious food, and varied activities. If you’re a thrill seeker, you can try paragliding or rent a jet ski. There are numerous and varied restaurants, both in the more sedate Old Town and the raucous party center of the New Town, and most are very affordable. Most bars also run excellent happy hour deals that often include delicious, handmade sangria!

 Greece If you’re a history buff, Greece is a must-visit destination. Ancient Greece is viewed by many as the birthplace of democracy and modern society, and there are many ancient Greek monuments still in place, both in Athens and outside of the capital. If you’re looking for something a bit less cerebrally challenging, the Greek islands, including Corfu, Mykonos, and Zakynthos, are renowned as sun-soaked destinations for those looking for a break away from the bad weather at home. As well as all of this, Greek food, including the world-famous feta, is mouth-watering, so you’ll come home with a tan and an appetite for new food and adventure!

Malta Malta is slightly off of the beaten track when it comes to sunny breaks, but its breath-taking views belie its lack of reputation as a holiday destination. If you want stunning beaches, incredible seafood and relaxed locals who speak English, we can’t recommend a better destination. The Maltese pride themselves on their super clean beaches and affordable, local and fresh food, so you get a bargain while feeling like you’re visiting somewhere a lot more high-profile. Don’t forget to try their famous local beer Cisk, the perfect accompaniment to a sunny afternoon on the beach!

Tallinn Estonia’s capital city is the perfect intersection of culture, architecture, food, and nightlife. Due to its medieval history, it has a number of authentic and old buildings, but these are married with modern architecture, as well as contemporary art galleries and cutting-edge restaurants and nightclubs. It is famous for its cheap and delicious beer, but the food in Tallinn is also affordable and delicious – it’s easy to wander down any street and find a high-quality restaurant providing cheap eats. Don’t forget to visit the Seaplane Museum. Although it sounds weird, it’s one of the most fascinating sights in Tallinn, even just because of the unusual building, it is housed in.

Madrid Everyone flocks to Barcelona every summer, but Spain’s capital is criminally underappreciated and underrated. If you won’t miss the beach, this gorgeous European city is the perfect place for a cheap but awesome city break. July is the perfect time to visit, as the weather is fantastic and you can partake in the locals’ favorite pastime of a glass of beer or wine with a small snack or tapas. As well as the stunning food, Madrid is home to gorgeous architecture and beautiful, small art galleries, often with work created by local artists. Don’t believe the hype and pick Madrid instead of Barcelona. You won’t regret it!

That was our ultimate BUCKiTDREAM list of cheap (and awesome) destinations to visit in July. Make sure that when you stop at each location, to take photos and share them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, using the hashtag #BUCKiTDREAM so fellow BUCKiTDREAMERs can be inspired by your affordable adventures!