Mauritius is a tiny little island off the South West coast of Africa. Its tropical climate and idyllic paradise hideaway atmosphere make it a popular choice when travelers are considering their bucket list trips, and more than a few BUCKiTDREAMERS have made the journey over to this little slice of heaven. It’s a place that makes you feel totally disconnected from the world; time seems to slow, and the island’s relaxed, vibrant way of life seems to slowly seep into your mindset. Located in a beautiful part of the world, it also has so many things to offer, aside from its silvery, sandy beaches.


Look, we get it; if you’re visiting an idyllic paradise island, you’re going to spend a lot of time on the beach. That’s totally fine because the beaches are there to be lazed upon. But this particular article isn’t about the beach bum way of life; we’ll take it as read that a sun-soaked day or six on the shore is top of your Mauritius itinerary. There’s plenty of things to do in between beach-hops; the island isn’t just about the obvious.


Get inspired for your Mauritius trip at BUCKiTDREAM, then make sure you have your BUCKiTDREAM planner handy for this one, as we take you through eight non-beach related things to do in Mauritius!

Ramble Through the Expansive Tea Plantations Some of Mauritius’ most impressive scenery is actually to be found inland; the tea plantations are truly unique. You can opt to take a guided tour through the seemingly endless fields of lime green and watch the tea-pickers at work, dotted throughout the expanse. If you’re lucky enough to catch the plantations on a misty day, you’ll be treated to an (extremely Instagrammable) enchanting vista. 

Explore Chamarel The exquisitely pleasing-to-say village of Chamarel is located in the South West of the island. The geography of this little settlement, which boasts one of the lowest populations on the island, is extremely unique. It’s home to a fascinating oddity called ‘The Seven Colored Earth’, which, true to its name, contains multicolored soil in seven different variants. If you’re up for a hike, the area also features the stunning Chamarel Falls, a dramatic waterfall which isn’t a stranger to the occasional abseiler. 


Take a Walk Under the Waves If you aren’t content with just swimming in Mauritius’ beautiful waters, how about walking under them? Captain Nemo’s Undersea Walk will guide you four-meters below the Indian Ocean, and then provide you with oxygen too, allowing you to explore the fascinating and varied marine life of the surrounding Mauritius reef.

Dally with a Dodo If you’re looking for something completely different, one of the few remaining dodo skeletons is available to view at the Mauritius Natural History Museum. Located in the capital of Port Louis, the museum provides a fascinating glimpse into the wildlife of the island, which runs all the way from Jurassic times to present day.


Get Down with Mauritius’ History Speaking of museums, an equally curious museum also resides in Port Louis, the Blue Penny Museum. This institute’s name comes from its most famous exhibition, an 1847 Blue Penny stamp, which is an exceedingly rare piece of history. The museum also features an extensive and informative journey through Mauritius’ colored and varied history. 

Meet Some of Mauritius’ More Eccentric Inhabitants If you’re bored of the generic brand of beautiful humans seen along Mauritius’ varied beaches, then a visit to the Crocodile and Giant Tortoise Park might be just what you need. Doing pretty much what it says on the tin, this natural reserve is full of scaly new friends for you to make; you can take them all in from a very safe viewing route. The park also features a staggering collection (23,000) of butterflies and other vividly-colored insects for you to peruse.

Hang with Some Dolphins If you don’t like the sound of the reptilian inhabitants, how about the much more endearing aquatic variety? Hundreds of dolphins frolic around the bays of Mauritius, present and correct for viewing. You can book a seven-hour cruise that will take you all over the west coast of the island, and even let you jump in the water with the dolphins at the beautiful Tamarin Bay.

Hike Up Le Morne Impressively capping off the island south west tip is the monolithic Le Morne, a huge chunk of rock that overlooks one of Mauritius’ best beaches. Trekking up this gigantic mound will provide you with some serious exercise, but also reward you with one of the finest sunsets you’ll ever see. Guided hikes are available, but if you feel like tackling the beast yourself, you’re free to do that too!


The above are just a selection of awesome activities that you can avail of in beautiful Mauritius, with much more waiting to be discovered when you touch down there yourself. There’s a lot more to this stunning island than just the beaches, so make sure that when you’re booking that dreamy summer bucket list adventure, you keep your BUCKiTDREAM planner handy and make the most of your holiday! And for a unique take on this dream destination, check out Anna Lisa Stone’s Photo Collection from her trip here.