Italy is a land of many delights. From the imperium seat of Rome, still awash with ancient vestiges, to the Renaissance heart of Florence, to the gondola-lined canals of Venice and the volcano-riddled island of Sicily, Italy has much to offer the intrepid BUCKiTDREAMER. However, one of the country’s most beautiful and awe-inspiring offerings can be found in the sleepy southwest, in a little corner of heaven named the Amalfi Coast.

In 1997, UNESCO listed the Amalfi Coast as a prime example of Mediterranean coastline and cultural landscape; since the area has been a popular destination for tourists. Featuring impossibly gorgeous scenery speckled with vividly-colored, fairytale-esque towns and villages, the Amalfi Coast is certainly a sight to behold. Don’t believe us? Log on to BUCKiTDREAM and have a search through photos and entries of the lucky travelers who’ve had a chance to visit, then grab your own BUCKiTDREAM planner and start envisioning your own dream trip to this special slice of Italy. Admittedly, just merely stepping foot on the Amalfi Coast will give you the feeling you’re most definitely doing it in style, but below are a few handy tips in case you want to look and feel extra stylish!

One of the first places you’re definitely going to want to have on your Amalfi bucket list is Positano, a world made of stairs. Winning the hotly-contested award for the coast’s most picturesque and photogenic town, Positano is a pretty unique little place. Developed on a steep hill that tumbles all the way down to the coastline, and featuring a beautifully chaotic entanglement of brightly-painted houses, restaurants, hotels and fashion boutiques, the town is connected by a series of intricate staircases that will provide hours of lazy, sun-drenched exploration. Being the poster boy for Amalfi comes with a downside, though, as prices in Positano are a little higher than elsewhere on the Coast.

If you’re looking for a less crowded, less expensive but equally captivating authentic Amalfi town, try Ravello. It’s got a far more traditional feel, and provides fantastic panoramic views of the entire coast; unlike Positano, it’s situated up high, so for those of you who feel an assault of staircases might be too tough to handle, you’ll be thankful to hear that when it comes to Ravello, once you’re up, you’re up. Historically, the town has served as an inspirational setting for many artists, who jetted off to Ravello and created many a masterpiece. If kicking back away from the hustle and bustle of tourist thoroughfares is your idea of a great holiday, then you could do worse than tucking yourself up in Ravello.

While it’s not strictly on the Coast, many people forget that the ash-blanketed Pompeii is a mere proverbial stone’s throw away. Once (or indeed, if) you’ve got your fill of sunbathing, you can head over the mountains that line the backdrop of Amalfi, and land in the ghostly, ever-fascinating Pompeii, a fatal victim of the monstrous explosion of nearby volcano Vesuvius (it’s still active, by the way). Consumed by the lava and ash, Pompeii makes for an interesting day-trip full of archaeological and ruinous intrigue.

In terms of places to stay on the Amalfi Coast, you’re spoilt for choice. The beautiful Villa Franco, situated in beautiful and previously discussed Amalfi staple Positano, should most certainly be on your consideration list. It’s romantic Italy at its most seductive, four-star luxury perched atop a hill, with enticing views of the crystal clear Mediterranean. If you want an extra star of luxury and want to feel like you’re immersed in the coastline as opposed to peering over it, then the Santa Caterina Hotel is a surefire bet to impress you. This is truly doing the Amalfi Coast in style; a late 19th-century liberty style villa complete with its own Beach Club, handy for almost every day trip you could care to take around the local area. If you’d like to stay in the best of the best, these two equally distinctive and gorgeous hotels should be the first places you try.

When it comes to food, Italy boasts a reputation a cut above most of its European neighbors. However, the Amalfi Coast has its own distinct culinary flavor, just waiting to be discovered by any anxious BUCKiTDREAM foodie. The aforementioned Positano and Santa Caterina each boast their own renowned restaurants (in fact, the latter boasts two), so guests of those two establishments can expect to eat very well. However, the coolest restaurant on the Amalfi Coast must be Da Adolfo Restaurant, situated on a little beach where pirates used to build their ships. The only catch to this splendid place is that you have to catch a ferry across to it; it’s not overly exclusive or anything, it’s just the only way to get to it! There’s a free ferry that runs every half hour to the restaurant, and the owners are all too happy to welcome guests. Once you’ve docked, you can expect a simple yet utterly delicious menu of specialties such as fresh grilled fish, grilled mozzarella on lemon leaf and mussel soup.

There’s so much to discover on the Amalfi Coast that any article can hardly do it justice. The only way to experience the splendor and beauty of the area is to get booking a trip over. But whenever you do, make sure you do it in style!