Broad City has been a huge hit since it debuted in 2009 as a web series. Since making the move to Comedy Central, it’s been delighting audiences and showing a totally different side of New York. It tells the story of Abbi and Ilana, two friends living in Queens and Brooklyn respectively who are navigating the city as best they can on their limited salaries. The key theme is female friendship; the men in their lives always play second fiddle to the primary relationship between the women, and the show has proven integral in promoting representations of women on screen. They film on location in New York, so we’ve gathered some of the locations that represent the best moments in the show.

  1. Chalk Gyms

Abbi works as a cleaner in the upmarket and pretentious Soulstice gym, but in reality, they film on location at gorgeous Chalk Gym in the trendy Brooklyn neighborhood of Williamsburg. Work up a sweat on the highest quality machines or attend a class taught by an amazing instructor while you think about some of Abbi’s best moments at work, including training Shania Twain and seducing Trey, her long-time boss who likes to bow in greeting to anyone he meets. Chalk Gym provides an excellent workout and you’ll be able to feel like you’re training hard like Abbi.

  1. Magnolia Bakery

While Magnolia is a key tourist attraction for anyone visiting New York, it also played host to a particularly memorable moment when Abbi lost her phone. While the girls spent a whole episode trying to track down the missing phone, their search brought them to Magnolia Bakery, where a drunk tourist was hanging onto Abbi’s phone having accidentally picked it up earlier. There is always a line to get in the door, but it’s definitely worth the wait and once you’re in, we’d recommend the red velvet followed by a vanilla cupcake.

  1. North Brother Island

North Brother Island is located in the East River in the Bronx and is an absolute nightmare to get to, which Abbi discovered when she had to visit there to pick up a package that she missed the delivery of. This episode is beloved for fans because it introduced Garol, the postal service worker who then went on to pop up a few times throughout the series. Originally used as a quarantine hospital for tuberculosis and smallpox, the island is now a bird sanctuary and off-limits to the public, but you can see it from the shore of the river, or kayak to the edge.

  1. Bed Bath and Beyond

Bed Bath and Beyond is Abbi’s favorite store, which was discovered when she went into a rage at her roommate’s boyfriend Bevvers when he discarded her coupons. When Abbi and Ilana visit the Bed Bath and Beyond on Chelsea’s Sixth Avenue, Ilana is alarmed to notice that Abbi has a secret handshake with every employee. For an everyday person, BB&B is the perfect place to pick up literally anything that you may need for your house, from a pasta maker to a toilet brush.

  1. Grand Central Station

As well as being a gorgeous monument in and of itself, Grand Central Station played host to a memorable episode in which Abbi, Ilana, and their friends are trying to get to a wedding. They mistakenly end up at Grand Central when they needed to be at Penn Station, and end up on a madcap caper to get to the wedding, which they end up missing. Grand Central is so much more than a station. You can shop, eat, and people-watch and its Midtown location make it super easy to find.

  1. Madison Square Park

Madison Square Park features frequently in Broad City but one of the most memorable moments was when Ilana met Lincoln, who told her that they could no longer see each other and gave her belongings back to her at the small tables and chairs in the park. While Ilana may have been heartbroken, she would have been able to comfort herself in the park’s scenery, which is worth a visit for anyone in New York. A small public square, it provides a sense of calm in the Flatiron district and is home to the iconic Victory Arch at its entrance.

  1. The Back Room

The Back Room is an authentic speakeasy on the Lower East Side that was the birthplace of Abbi’s jazz-singing alter ego Val. The duo spends the whole episode wondering why various random people are referring to Abbi as Val, and Ilana follows her to the Back Room to discover that Val exists as a confident and sexy performer, the antithesis to Abbi’s reserved personality. Val commands a crowd and drops jazz hits like they’re hot. If you’re into high-end cocktails and a retro speakeasy experience, you’ll love the Back Room.

  1. The 40/40 Club

When Abbi and Ilana rent out their apartments for the night to try to make some extra cash, they decide to hit the 40/40 Club to while the night away. This just happens to be where Ilana meets NBA star Blake Griffin and goes back to his house for a night of completely bizarre passion that includes him cradling Ilana like a baby. In reality, 40/40 is a high-end nightclub that is the perfect location for a glamorous night out with the girls. You can reserve your own area to ape when Abbi and Ilana crashed Blake’s party, or sit out in the main area and enjoy the vibes. 

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