With advances in technology, more people can work remotely than ever before. Whether you run your own online business or have persuaded your boss that the dreary office cramps your creativity and you’d do much better work if you were free of its claustrophobic confines, if you are now a part of the remote working revolution, you should consider an extended working holiday on a paradise island. I mean, why not?!

Once the novelty of working in your pajamas in your apartment wears off, the next step should be an exciting trip to one of the world’s remote and beautiful islands. Some islands are busy and boisterous and you may have to possess a modicum of discipline to stay focused, while others are relaxed, laid-back and practically distraction-free.

Here is our list of six paradise islands where you can work remotely. Put the islands that appeal to you most in your BUCKiTDREAM planner because working remotely from a heavenly island retreat is now more possible than ever before!

Get Inspired by the Lush, Green Mountains of Madeira As you fly in low over the dark mid-Atlantic Ocean, your first glimpse of Madeira will take your breath away. Just as you begin to worry that maybe your plane is about to plunge into the sea, two giant craggy sea stacks explode out of the water beneath you, and within seconds, you are touching down on a gleaming black tarmac. Just landing on Madeira is an epic experience! This Portuguese outpost, situated several hundred miles off the northwest African coast, is a wonderland of dark green mountains. The hiking is some of the best in the world. The capital is Funchal, a sleepy, friendly city with plenty of good restaurants and laid-back bars. Being able to end your work day in a comfy chair on a terrace while sipping a cocktail and watching the sun slowing slip into the blue Atlantic makesMadeira a divine location.  

Work With Your Feet Dipped in the Warm Turquoise Waters Of The Maldives The Maldives archipelago lies low in the Indian Ocean. Tropical fish play in the crystal-clear shallows surrounding the islands, the beaches are perfectly white and powdery, and the sun shines year-round. Life moves slowly on the Maldives so you will have plenty of hours to relax and get work done! 

Work By Day, Party By Night On Ibiza Parts of Ibiza, such as San Antonio, are wild, boisterous and filled with distractions — so possibly not ideal places for getting work done. But other parts of the island are peaceful and serene, havens of tranquility where you will have all the peace and quiet you need to stay focused and productive. Cala Llonga and Es Caná are small villages with lovely beaches and slow, relaxed places. Even parts of Ibiza Town can be quite laid-back and conducive to productivity. When you are finished with your day’s work, you have infinite options for fun and frolics only a stone’s throw away. Ibiza offers the best of both worlds! 

Stay Productive On Palawan Palawan in the Philippines is a genuine heaven on Earth. Its peaceful fishing villages are perfect places to relax and check things off your to-do list. During your time off, you will have lots of amazing things to do. The island has some of the best snorkeling and diving in the world, with acres of coral, tons of Technicolor marine life and many fascinating shipwrecks to explore. The hiking on Palawan is excellent, with lots of dense, luscious jungle to investigate and clear lakes in which to cool off in. If you can work remotely from Palawan, you are a lucky, lucky person! 

Keep Calm and Work Hard in Ko Chang Ko Chang is one of Thailand’s quieter islands, making it ideal for working hard in the tropical sun. Ko Chang, or Elephant Island, is still relatively calm compared to many of its southern counterparts. It has some busy resort towns and a thriving party scene, but it still has a lot of undeveloped areas and plenty of wilderness, so finding a quiet place to do some work will not be difficult. The island’s west coast is the most populated area, but the southeastern villages of Baan Rong Than, Baan Salak Phet, and Baan Chek Bae are truly peaceful and barely touched by modernity. 

Be Industrious on Bali The Balinese have a warmth and cheerfulness that is rare in the modern world. This Indonesian island is as friendly and welcoming as it is sunny and beautiful. Bali has a rich culture that will lure you in and make you fall deeply in love with it. The water sports and adventures that the island offers are second to none. There is plenty of relaxing peace and quiet to be found, so working remotely in Bali will be a fun and productive experience!

So that was our list of six of the best paradise islands from which to work remotely. So, whether you are earning your crust amongst the lush, steamy mountains of Madeira or making a living under the tropical Palawanian sun, be sure to share your remote working experiences (and make your friends deeply jealous!) on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.