Carrie & Kristaps Bernans wanted to use their honeymoon as an opportunity to check something off their travel bucket list. What could be a better inspiration for a trip that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives? Unlike many couples that take their honeymoon trip directly after getting married, they decided to wait until they were in a better financial situation. Better late than never, right? Carrie & Kristaps honeymoon bucket list experience happened after two years after being married & they believe that was it “worth the wait.” See below their top 5 things that they got to cross off their travel bucket list.

Here are Our Top 5 Things That We Got To Cross Off Our Travel Bucket List!

Snorkel And Experience Marine Life Up Close We know that snorkeling is an easy and inexpensive way to see some of the most beautiful creatures the sea has to offer. Although we could do this virtually anywhere there is water, there are some places we wanted to do in a exact bucket list location and Harbor Island was one of them. The experience was so amazing! I felt like we were in a dream.




Horse Back Riding on the Beach After watching a million and one romantic movies and seeing how amazing horseback riding on the beach looked, we wanted to make sure we got to check this off our bucket list.  We enjoyed the invigorating (and romantic) thrill of a glorious Harbor Island Beach Horseback Riding experience. It was literally another dream come true moment for the both of us.



Walk Pink Sands Beach in Harbour Island, Bahamas We got to romantically walk the Pink Sands Beach. We highly recommend this to everyone. It is the place to go if you want to experience the natural beauty, elegant resort-style living and most importantly, three miles of perfectly pink sand and gentle waters. Also, the ocean is ideal for swimming – It was very warm and calm for the most part.




Go Saltwater Fishing For any die-hard angler, you have to have a fishing bucket list. Certain fish you want to catch, certain places you want to catch them, and certain people you want to catch them with. Well, we aren’t fisherman, but one of our dates back in college was a fishing trip, so what better way to continue the fishing tradition, than to have fishing on our honey moon bucket list. Side note: We caught about 5 fish and ate two of them later…



Visit the Famous Lone Tree in Harbour Island, Eleuthera This is the most often photographed tree and has been published in many magazines with Victoria Secret & Playboy Mansion models. Kristaps & I had to get a picture of this beautiful creation. Here are our photos below.



BONUS photos: We did a bucket list dare….And that was…. we tried snail…Yes, it’s a snail in a shell. It’s actual name is Conch. It didn’t taste that bad….It was definietely different. Here are photos of it below.



Whew, that was a lot of pictures. Point is – Our honey moon trip was amazing and we highly recommend you pay a visit to Harbour Island in the Bahamas if you haven’t been before. We can’t thank The Valentine’s Resort, The Harbor Island residents, June Dean of the Ministry of Tourism for Harbor Island, The Real & everyone else that made this experience amazing enough – we’ll definitely be back!


If you have a honeymoon coming up, or want to add a tropical island to your bucket list, then this has to go on your BUCKiTDREAM list. Use our bucket list to get you started on planning a trip of a lifetime.

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