A city home to over 425 wineries representing some of the best wine in America, Sonoma is an oenophile’s dream come true. And the long stretches of beautifully rugged coastline, densely packed redwood forests, 50+ state and regional parks, and fancy resorts and spas provide an added romance to the almost certain inebriation to be found here making you feel more a connoisseur than a drunk. Sonoma California may just be the best experience you’ll ever have with wine, so stock up on your favorite hangover cure, grab a few friends, and get yourself out there! But first, you’ll need some insider knowledge to make sure you find the best spots with the best wine – which is where the article comes in. If anything really stands out be sure to add it to your BUCKiTDREAM list! Alright, here we go!

If You’re Looking For Something Reliably Tantalizing For Your Taste Buds, Stick To Three Sticks Wines! Three Sticks in downtown Sonoma is contained within the astounding, far from humble, Vallejo-Casteñada Adobe (old school clay building – been around since the 19th century, making it the oldest occupied building in Sonoma). Really, it’s hard to imagine a more fitting place for wine drinking than this abode – a true paradise. Also, their vineyards produce some of the best quality wines around often winning highly prestigious awards. You’ll need a reservation for this place as demand is so high. You’ll find this one is just off the north end of Sonoma Plaza on Spain Street. Check out their website for more a detailed history of this abode.

Sellers Of the Finest Wine, Hawkes Winery Hawkes winery is a welcome break from the pretentiousness that is rife in wine country. We all know that maintaining appearances and attempting to appear fancier than you are can be truly trying, so this down-to-earth winemaker that never takes itself – or anyone else for that matter – too seriously makes you sigh a deep breath of relief. Their specialty is in Cabernet Sauvignon so we wouldn’t stray too far from this guaranteed liquid heaven. Added bonus: tasting here is inexpensive.

Why Not Head To Passaggio Wines? Passaggio’s huge offering of wines makes it perfect to appease all tastes and certainly ideal for those new to wine tasting. The Merlot here is by far and above our favorite, but don’t let this tip limit you from experiencing a river of distinct flavor experiences. The outdoor fountain here is idyllic and grants a certain air of importance to the wine drinking – and who doesn’t like to feel important? To be found in the Sonoma Court Shops, a smaller plaza off of Sonoma Plaza.

You’ll Be Thankful For Our In-sigh-ders Knowledge With Sigh! The bar’s name is inspired by the sound a cork makes when pulled from a bottle of Champagne, we don’t know if this is onomatopoeically accurate but it sure sounds cool! As the one and only Champagne bar in Sonoma, Sigh comes as a welcome breath of fresh, carbonated air (that’s why they’re so good at making bubbly!). This Champagne bar has a colossal range of sparkling wines on offer from all around the world, but as you’re in Sonoma, we reckon you ought to try the delightful, local Sonoma sparklers.You can buy it by the glass or feel free to try samples to your heart’s (and liver’s) content. Make sure to order one of their fantastic cheese platters as the two compliment each other tremendously. It’s within walking distance of Sonoma Plaza, just down Wine Alley, it’s something refreshingly different in an otherwise almost uniform offering of Pinot and Chardonnay (don’t get us wrong they’re bloody good, but variety is the spice of life).

Cool party trick: When ordering a bottle of bubbly you can ask the sommelier to take a saber to the bottle and slice the neck right off – called Sabrage. If you like what you see, you can even buy sabers here; they’ll teach you how to use it, and you can take it with you to parties and receive the awe and adoration of all present. *This might all go better if you know everyone present and look particularly harmless and careful.*

And there you have it! A fine list of the best wines in Sonoma California. Armed with this article in hand, you can avoid thinking and just get to the drinking. If you want to treat your mouth like never before and create some lasting memories with friends (though maybe a lack of memories is a better indication of a good time, but we’ll leave that up to you) look no further. Don’t forget to add your favorites to your bucket list on BUCKiTDREAM. And check out some of our other articles for the most informative trip advice around.