The top spot in anyone’s summer vacation bucket list is highly contested, and rightly so. If you can only manage to get to one place during the summer, you’ve got to think hard and long about what exactly you want out of your dream trip. There’s no lack of options either; from the bountiful beaches of Hawaii to the summer city vibe of Rome, that top spot is a contentious issue. Until now! Forget everywhere else you’ve been mulling over, and start seriously considering the paradise island of Mauritius.

Located to the south east of the African continent, Mauritius has changed hands quite a few times; it was first a Dutch colony, then a French colony, then a British colony, before finally achieving independence in 1968. All this back and forth has resulted in Mauritius attaining the ‘four Ms’ – the island is multiethnic, multicultural, multilingual and multireligious, not to mention it’s regarded as a shining example of democracy and political freedom. On top of all that, the beaches are routinely excellent.


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Pop into Port Louis Mauritius is a small island and one that you can easily come to grips with over the course of your stay. The Republic of Mauritius actually comprises a few smaller islands, including Rodrigues, but the main hub of activity is Mauritius Island. Port Louis is its capital, and home to a number of intriguing attractions, as well as being a beautiful mishmash of cultures, with flashes of India, France, China, and Africa.


A must-see (if the weather’s nice) is a beautiful botanic garden, named Company’s Gardens, where you can enjoy a pleasant stroll through some of Mauritius’ most luscious greenery. The Blue Penny Museum will give you the lowdown on the Mauritius’ history, while the Natural History Museum will let you catch a glimpse of a rare dodo skeleton. When the day cools to evening, a hike up Signal Mountain will reward you with a gorgeous view of the port, complete with a neon sunset.

Come to Grips with Grand Baie The main tourist hub of Mauritius can be found in Grand Baie (or Grand Bay), known to the first Dutch inhabitants as ‘the bay without end’. Looking like a traditional paradise island, as opposed to the multicultural influences of Port Louis, Grand Baie is surrounded by crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches. You can easily spend a day sunning yourself by the lazy waters or enjoying the numerous restaurants and bars on offer along the waterfront.


There are also a number of thrilling seafaring excursions to enjoy the beaches of Grand Baie; Mauritius has a large variety of sea life that you can discover through underwater sea walks and even an intriguing underwater scooter. A number of cruises leave the bay every day, and they visit a number of surrounding islands, popular deep fishing spots, or simply provide stunning views of the Grand Baie (it looks ‘great’ from every angle).

Get Down and Dirty with the Local Nature Mauritius features some fascinating wildlife and isn’t shy about letting visitors get up close and personal with it. The Casela World of Adventures plays up to the island’s African heritage by offering its version of a Savannah safari, complete with lions, zebras, and loads of other native African animals. You can tear around the park on a quad, plod through it on the back of a camel, or meander through it on a scooter; the choice is yours.

The braver visitors can also hoist themselves up on the longest zip line in the Indian Ocean, or perform a death-defying swing across a canyon; how you spend your day in Casela is up to you! If you prefer to take a more relaxed approach to the local wildlife, then the La Vanille Nature Park is the attraction for you. Featuring giant tortoises, iguanas, and crocodiles, this beautifully maintained park is well worth a spot on your Mauritius itinerary. 

Kick Back at the Beaches, Of course, the main thing that any respectable BUCKiTDREAMER wants from his or her bucket list trip of the summer is that sweet beach lifestyle. Luckily, Mauritius is full of some of the most beautiful beaches you’ve ever laid upon, and you won’t just find them at Grand Baie. It’s an island, so they’re all over! Any of the surrounding smaller islands will also afford you a chance to discover your own seemingly-private beach, and you can easily boat-hop between them. For a really unique experience, try camping on one of the beaches and waking up to the sun rising over the crystal-clear waters; an experience you won’t forget.

Mauritius is a beautiful, diverse island that should rank highly on anyone’s bucket list, regardless of the season! But for a unique take on this dream destination, check out Anna Lisa Stone’s Photo Collection from her trip to Mauritius; and if that doesn’t get you suitably inspired, then we don’t know what will. So, what are you waiting for BUCKiTDREAMER? Get going on that trip to delicious Mauritius today!