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Park Güell

An essential stop on any Barcelona tour, this incredible public park was designed by Antoni Gaudi and is filled with jaw-droppingly colorful mosaics. When you’ve finished admiring them, head to the main terrace designed with curvy nooks and crannies to reflect the shape of a sea serpent. Here, you can sit and relax and take in an amazing view of both the park and the city below. Go before sunset to watch the sun sink down behind the beautiful buildings. If you’re going during peak times, you can ensure access and save a bit of money by booking ahead online.

Tibidabo Mountain

Feeling a little more outdoorsy? Head to the place the locals call the ‘magic mountain’. Take a history lesson by hopping on Barcelona’s oldest tram line which will take your tired feet all the way to the top. If the 1,700-foot altitude isn’t quite high enough for you, explore the fantastic amusement park that has been entertaining and delighting locals for more than a century. The skywalk has plenty of great lookout points to get snapping for Instagram or simply hop on the Ferris wheel to really appreciate the view. It’s a popular picnic spot so bring your own or choose from one of the many restaurants here.

Eclipse Cocktail Bar

If you’d rather enjoy the city views in style – and at night – 26 floors above the city lies the super-trendy Eclipse (Plaça de la Rosa dels Vents 1). Here you’ll get the full VIP treatment with a surprisingly intimate setting and incredible cocktails that won’t break the bank. You should pop your name on the guestlist before hand or if it’s a special occasion, reserve a table. That way, you can be assured of a great night sipping drinks and nibbling sushi, all the while gazing out onto the Mediterranean Sea and planning your beach excursion tomorrow.

Montjuïc Castle

History buffs will expect an old military fortress to have great views, and they’d be right, but of course nowadays the views are much more peaceful. With a 360° view of the city, it’s a sight that remains unrivaled among the newer buildings in Barcelona. You can grab a cable car if you’d like to save yourself the walk and the entrance fee is just €5 and comes with a free map, allowing you all the time in the world to scope out the best view of Barcelona port (and daydream about being a hero defending the city).

National Museum of Catalan Art

Before you leave the museum after spending an afternoon perusing a millennium’s worth of artworks, head to the rooftop terrace. Located right in front of the famous Montjuïc Magic Fountain, eagle-eyed visitors can take in everything from the nearly completed Sagrada Família to the outer districts of the city. There’s also a cocktail bar so you can sip on a mojito while enjoying the panoramic views. Best of all, it’s also open at night during the summer, giving you full advantage of the warm Spanish nights.

Las Arenas

All this sight-seeing is hungry work, so combine enjoying your view while sampling one of the many restaurants on the rooftop of the Las Arenas shopping mall. There’s often a light show at night, or during the day you can enjoy people-watching down at the Plaça d’Espanya, one of the city’s most important and busiest squares. When you’re finally finished with drinking in the sights, this former bullfighting ring is packed to the rafters with tempting shops so you can fulfill your vacation quota of retail therapy too.

Bunker Del Carmel

Get away from the Barcelona crowds to this hidden gem of a viewpoint. Best known to Spanish-speakers as a location for the film Tengo Ganas de Ti, it offers unrivaled views of the coastline, Tibidabo Mountain and the entirety of the city. Best of all, it’s completely free and is a short but steep hike from public transport. Many bring a bottle of wine and snacks to sit here in peace just soaking it all in, so why not do the same? The bunkers themselves have earned their place in history by being used in the Spanish Civil War.

Still not convinced about making Barcelona your next stop on your BUCKiTDREAM planner? The views, while worthy of any traveler’s Instagram, are just the start. We’ve already written about How Catalonia’s Cosmopolitan Capital of Barcelona will Capture Your Heart so start creating and sharing your dream experience today!